How to Plan the Perfect Bachelorette Party in Toronto

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Brides spend every waking moment thinking about and planning their big day. When they’ve finally finished their planning they need a break from it all, and to spend a little quality time with their girlfriends – that’s where the bachelorette party comes in.

Bridesmaids should plan a bachelorette party that suits the personality of the bride. If she loves to party, a night out at a club with some drinks would be ideal. If she’s more low-key, think about doing a spa day. Whatever you choose, the interests of the bride should be put first.

Not sure where to begin planning your bride’s bachelorette party? We’ve put together a few tips and venue ideas that can help you get started.

Planning a Bachelorette Party in Toronto

How to Plan a Bachelorette Party

  1. Choose a date

    First and foremost, you will want to choose a date. This can be a little more tricky than it sounds; you’ll have to find a day relatively close to the wedding but not too close, and something that works with the busy schedules of the bride and everyone she’d like to invite. It’s impossible to accommodate everyone, but try your best to choose a date that most people can work with, to ensure a good turn-out.

  2. Pick a theme

    Next, you will have to choose a theme. The theme can be inspired by the location of the wedding, or you can simply stick with the “bride-to-be” theme. If your bride is over-the-top she might appreciate a little extra thought in this area. Think about a tiki theme, murder mystery, or even something like Moroccan nights.

  3. Pick a budget

    Whether you’ll be footing the bill yourself or splitting it with others, you’ll want to establish a budget before you begin planning. This will help you keep things under control and plan within your means. For example, you wouldn’t want to plan a trip to Las Vegas only to find out halfway through, you really can’t afford everything. Establishing a budget ahead of time will ensure everything stays on track.

  4. Plan the activities

    Once you have a budget in place, you can begin planning the itinerary for the party. Whether this includes bottle service at a nightclub, a relaxing spa day, or high tea in the afternoon will depend on the theme that you’ve chosen, and the interests of your bride.

  5. Choose a venue

    After you choose the type of activities for the bachelorette party, the last step is choosing a venue. You’ll want to pick a place that has availability for your specified dates, and that can accommodate your plans. Not sure where to begin with your search for a venue? Here are some popular choices for bachelorette party venues in Toronto.

Bachelorette Party Venue in Toronto

Venues in Toronto:

  • Shangri-la Toronto

    If you are looking for a place that’s Instagram-worthy, a place where you can capture the best pictures in town, the Shangri-la Hotel Toronto is one of the most beautiful places for bridal events and parties. You and your guests can spend time on the exquisite grounds of this 5-star hotel and enjoy drinks, the spa, restaurants, and stay in one of their incredible suites for the night. You will truly feel luxurious and relaxed during your stay here, not to mention the potential for amazing photos.

  • The Spa at the Old Mill Toronto

    You’ve probably seen or heard about The Old Mill on Instagram or other social media channels. It’s a popular location to hold special events because of its rustic, yet quaint decor; yet another Instagram-friendly location. It’s a wonderful location to attend the spa as a group with your bridal party, and then relax on the grounds of the Old Mill encompassed in perfectly manicured gardens and the beauty of nature.

    Celebrate with your bridal party by treating them to our exclusive services, including Spa Manicure, Spa Pedicure, and Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup application. You’ll find customized packages just for bridal and bachelorette parties. You can even enjoy an afternoon tea experience to end the day.

  • Château Le Jardin

    Chateau Le Jardin is one of the most beautiful locations to hold a bachelorette party in Toronto. Experience excellence in a French-inspired chateau. The architectural design of this venue is gorgeous and will complement any colour palette of decor you might have in mind for your special event. Le Jardin offers a delicious menu that is sure to impress all your guests.

For more information on how to plan the perfect bachelorette party, call Le Jardin today at 1-888-529-8573 or contact us here.

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