Is an Outdoor Winter Wedding in Vaughan Realistic?

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Vaughan, Ontario is by no means a winter vacation spot where sun worshippers flock to get some much-needed warmth. Like any area in the GTA, it experiences chilly winters, often with inclement weather. So when it comes to planning a winter event, especially a wedding, is it realistic to consider an outdoor venue in Vaughan? With a little planning and plenty of heaters, the answer is yes! If you consider the potential benefits, including no competition for your dates, better prices with a possible winter wedding promotion, and the romance of the winter season, then you can soon see it is something that might just be crazy enough to work. Here are some ideas that will help make that winter wedding a dream come true.

Ideal for Choice for Smaller Groups

Imagine a lovely winter ceremony with fires blazing as the bride makes her way down the aisle. Guests sit snuggled under special wedding blankets and take part in a very intimate ceremony with your closest family and friends. The ceremony can be short and sweet, giving you just enough time to share some loving words and make a commitment to be partners for life.

Heart Warming Drinks

Safe within a cozy tent, should the weather be less than ideal, you can enjoy a warm setting with heaters that allow people to shrug off their jackets and dance the night away. You can welcome guests with heated drinks following the outdoor ceremony to warm their toes and hearts. Mulled wine, hot toddies, spiked hot cider, or hot chocolate with creamy liqueurs are sure to hit the spot.

Serve Up Warm Appetizers

Choose warm cups of delicious thick, rich soups as the ideal appetizer for your winter wedding. Have some fun and do something nostalgic like mini-grilled cheese sandwiches with a gourmet tomato soup. Another winter-appropriate starter is cheese fondue, complete with chunks of crusty bread ready to dip in the ooey, gooey warm cheese.

Traditional Winter Meals

So many wedding meals are heavy and not as appropriate in the heat and humidity of a GTA summer. However, imagine the elegant meals you can serve to pleased guests who will find freshly carved porchetta, prime rib, or lovely roast chicken as a welcome sight when the weather is so chilly outside.

Stunning Winter Wedding Attire

The beauty of a winter wedding is that there are so many more options for you and your wedding party when it comes to the wedding dress and attire. The summer is not a great time of year to be fussing with layers and accessories that just add to the heat of the season. However, winter weddings provide all kinds of opportunities to really get creative with your wedding party style, including:

For the ladies:

  • Pretty cardigans with pearl buttons
  • Faux fur stoles
  • Fun white feather boas or jackets
  • Glittery bolero jackets with pearls or rhinestones
  • Full-length elegant velvet overcoats
  • Pretty faux fur hats instead of a veil
  • Faux fur hand muffs
  • Elegant gloves in silk, satin, velvet, leather, or suede with delicate pearls
  • Elegant faux fur, satin, or velvet wraps
  • Sexy white knee-high lace granny boots
  • Burberry shawls and shrugs

For the gentlemen:

  • Jaw-dropping capes (also good for the bride)
  • Top hats for the groom and groomsmen
  • Black velvet tuxedos
  • Layered tuxedos with thick, rich vests such as tartans, tweed, or houndstooth
  • Rich velvet bowties in burgundies, greys, or browns
  • Plum velvet jackets with black pants
  • Casual tweed jackets paired with elegant pants and shirts
  • Fun flannel shirts with traditional black tuxedos
  • Burberry scarves, shawls, and shrugs
  • Faux fur Russian ushankas for the groom a la Dr. Zhivago

You can go all out creating a truly unique sense of style for your wedding party.

The Benefits of a Winter Wedding

Now that you can picture your outdoor winter wedding, consider the many benefits, including:

  • Less stress: Because you avoid the high demand for wedding venues in the summer, suddenly you have your choice of venues and can pick and choose a winter wedding promotion that many companies offer this time of year. You won’t fight for a preferred date and, therefore, you have more choices in the winter months. Because venues aren’t busy at this time of year, you’ll also have the full attention of your planners, not to mention your florists, bakery, photographers, and entertainment.
  • Save the date: Your save the date becomes easier because no one is going anywhere in the winter, especially not to other weddings.
  • It’s cold, but not Humid: Ask any bride who has lived through a humid GTA summer wedding, and she’ll probably confess that a winter wedding sounds like heaven. You can dress up in elegant layers, with fancy shrugs and pretty gloves without worrying about sweating through your dress, your hair going frizzy, or your makeup running. Your groom will appreciate it when he isn’t showing sweat stains through his tuxedo.
  • Free holiday decorations: If you time it right, your venue will be beautifully decorated for the holidays, which saves money on decorating costs.
  • Your wedding is more memorable: The unique twist of a winter wedding makes your event all the more memorable. People will look back fondly, remembering the lovely ceremony and reception with its wintry decorations, floral arrangements, and stunning wedding party attire.
  • Winter is black tie season: Between the elegant holiday parties and New Year’s festivities, winter really is black tie season. It is a comfortable time of year to don a sharp tuxedo and feel like a million bucks.
  • Hot brides are cranky brides: Summer brides tend to be crankier as they sweat it out through the day and night in their heavy dresses and makeup. Winter brides, on the other hand, are calm, cool, and collected and can enjoy their day.

While a winter wedding might not be your first thought for the ideal wedding, these ideas provide provocative arguments to give it some serious consideration. If you are ready to hire the event caterers that Vaughan trusts, speak to the Chateau Le Jardin team today.

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