Planning a Corporate Event on Short Notice

Planning a Corporate Event on Short Notice

You have unexpectedly been given the task of planning your company’s next corporate event and have very little time to get everything together. It can seem like a very daunting task and even seem impossible to plan an event on such short notice. You want your event to be memorable and one that everyone will enjoy. Here are some tips to help you plan a corporate event in a short amount of time.

Set a Budget

The first thing you have to do is set a budget for the corporate event. You want to plan out exactly how much money you are going to allocate to the venue, caterer, decorations, etc. so there are no unexpected surprises and you don’t go over the amount the company has set aside. You might already have a few estimates but you can always refer back to last year’s budget if it’s available to you. You can use it to plan out the new budget which can help save time.

Book the Venue and a Back-Up

Although research is very important when it comes to planning an event, if you are on a tight deadline you should book a venue fairly quickly, as they get booked up fast. Try and book something as soon as you can. Look at past venues your company has used and see if they’re available. Also, try and be as flexible on dates as much as possible. Ensure that you have a back-up venue, or even multiple, in case the first one falls through.

Recreate Last Year’s Menu

If you had catering at the party last year and it was a success, get in touch with the caterer and see if they are available again for this year’s event. Make sure that their availability matches with the venue that you have booked, and if not, ask them for recommendations.

If you were content with last years menu, there is no harm in having the same menu again. This will also save you loads of time. You can also revamp last year’s menu by keeping all the dishes that were a hit and adding some changes to those that were mediocre or replacing them altogether. There are always ways to tweak the dishes to suit the preferences of your guests.

Reuse Decorations

If you still have the decorations from last year’s event, don’t be afraid to use them again. It’s easy to reuse decorations, which also saves a lot of time and money. If you don’t have decorations, you can speak with the event coordinator at the venue and they can take care of it for you. They can help you pull together the materials quickly and decorate the venue how you want it.

Tone it Down

If you’re really short on time, there’s no point in stressing yourself out in trying to plan a huge and extravagant gala. Instead, scale back and focus on what’s most important. Your employees don’t need a fancy corporate dinner in order to enjoy themselves. You would rather have a well-thought-out event than a flashy event that’s lacking in certain areas. Think about planning an afternoon office get-together, taking the office out for an afternoon or hosting a happy hour at your venue. Instead of stretching yourself out thin, you can narrow the scope of the party and focus on the details. You’ll be able to focus on doing everything well.

Ask for Help

With such short notice and time to plan and execute the party, you have a lot of things to do, so don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Event coordinators, caterers and other hospitality professions are more than happy to lend a helping hand. You can always turn responsibility for food or decorations over to the experts while you focus on tasks that need your specific skills. You can always ask for help from your peers and employees as well. You don’t need to handle everything yourself, and the more support you have, the more you can get done.

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