Serving the Best Appetizers for Your Event

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Are you planning to host an event soon? Whether you’re hosting an afternoon party for your co-workers or a big soiree for your friends and family, you’re most likely going to have appetizers to serve.


If you’re hosting a holiday party, cranberries are the perfect addition. Cranberries add the perfect dash of holiday cheer and will complete almost any dish. Serve up some cranberry crostini that features cranberries and whipped ricotta cheese. Add cranberries to bite-sized desserts and cocktails, but they also make great additions to meatballs, sauces, and dips for a holiday twist.

Stuffing is widely associated with the holidays, but you can also use fruits and vegetables as well. Try using mushrooms and peppers or Caprese salad bites in stuffed tomatoes. For the holidays, try stuffing some figs. A soft cheese to fill the figs and adding some pomegranate will ensure a sweet holiday treat that everyone will love.

International Flavour

Get some inspiration from around the world. Samosas and pakoras and other Indian flavours will sure to please your guests. For an Asian twist, try some deep-fried tofu and create tofu fritters. Even whipping up some spring rolls is quick and easy and makes for great finger food. Seafood is always an option as well. For some Scandinavian inspiration, serve some cured salmon and Russian-inspired blini for appetizers that will amaze your guests. If you feel like splurging, get some fresh raw oysters and have unique toppings and sauces that make the oysters customizable to your guests’ preferences.


Beets, carrots, and parsnips have rich and earthy flavours and are in season during the winter. Think about incorporating them into your appetizers if your event is in the winter. You can add beets to your hummus to give it a new flavour and seasonal colour, and it will be sure to keep your guests curious about your secret ingredient. Also, consider serving up beets, persimmons, and feta cheese on endive leaves. The combination of flavours will make your appetizers the star of the show. You can also try root vegetable galette, which is both substantial and visually appealing. If all else fails, you can always just make a hearty vegetable soup with root vegetables, such as a classic borscht or carrot soup.

Versatile Meatballs

If you’re stuck on deciding on what appetizer will appeal to all guests, meatballs have to be the most versatile. They are easy to dress up or down and make great individual appetizers. You can mix it up by adding different spices or even swapping in turkey instead of ground beef. For those who are vegetarian and don’t eat meat, meatless meatballs are also a possibility. Just ensure that they have little flags or indicators to let your guests know which are meatless.


You can never go wrong with a dip. They are so customizable and versatile, you’ll be able to suit everyone’s tastes buds. Try a spinach and brie dip or a cheesy pizza dip. Skip the store-bought products and make your own French onion dip with sour cream, mayo, garlic, salt, pepper, and onions. Serve with potato chips and you have a quick and delicious crowd pleaser. No matter what kind of dip you have, all you need are chips, vegetables, or pita bread to serve with your dip. It’s not only quick, easy, and versatile, but also inexpensive!


Antipasto kabobs will definitely be a crowd pleaser. All you need are some skewers, stuffed olives, salami, and cheese cubes. This appetizer is very simple but has a lot of different characteristics. The flavours all tie in together perfectly, and serving them on a skewer will make it easy for your guests to mingle while still enjoying the food. You can also do Caprese salad kabobs with grape tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella cheese balls drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

When planning your party, it’s always best to consult a professional. Caterers will always know the right amount of food to prepare and where to get the freshest ingredients. Check with your venue to see if they can provide you with serving staff and caterers to ensure your party is one to remember. It will ease the amount of stress and planning that you have to do, so you can focus on other things to ensure your party is a success.

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