Brian and Daniella Glen

A COVID Wedding – We were engaged mid 2019, shopped venues and confidently secured Sept 19th, 2020 at Château Le Jardin in Woodbridge. Little did anyone know what 2020 had in store. In March we remained confident that the pandemic would pass, but by mid June it was pretty clear this was not going anywhere. We met with CLJ regarding what options we had, and unless we wanted to move the date or have 50 people socially distanced inside their venue, it was not going to happen. Fortunately our backyard, though in Pickering, could act as a great option for a small crowd, but what about all the bells and whistles we wanted for our day?

Well Château Le Jardin’s President Julian came to our house, we mapped out the setting and discussed different food options. Julian promptly followed up with a detailed rendering of the layout and off we went planning accordingly with the full support of our original venue, who frankly did not need to step up the way they did. The set-up was seamless & extremely professional. After our ceremony we arrived to Julian and his team in full stride. Not missing a beat at the bar, antipastos, followed by the main course, all was delicious! As the night progressed, they were on point with every planned component of the evening.

In conclusion, we could not have asked for a better, more professional group to work with for the most important day of our lives! Our family and guests feel the same. Thank you very much Julian and team. I do not know what we have done without you!