Top 10 Wedding Trends to Look For in 2024

Top 10 wedding trends to look for in 2024

If you’re planning a 2024 wedding at one of the banquet halls in Vaughan, you want updates on the latest trends that will influence your decor and fashion decisions. Here, we share the top 10 wedding trends to look for in 2024 so you don’t miss out on the designs, fashions and colours that in-the-know couples will indeed embrace.

1. Set the mood with lights

Lighting is something most couples don’t consider as decor at all. However, lighting at banquet halls in Vaughan has much to do with the mood you want to set for your wedding. Light can make or break the ambience you hope to achieve at the ceremony or the reception. 

It’s no longer about soft, romantic candlesticks and votives but instead about the brilliance and colour cast by customized neon, exciting lighting fixtures and dynamic statement light installations. This moment is your chance to “shine” with mood lighting, setting the tone. 

Lighting can subtly fade into the background or play a significant role in decor dynamics. It can add a visual detail that creates interest, excitement, and imagery, whether based on the fixtures, colours, shadows, or imagery cast by light.

2. Get inspired by 1970’s disco balls 

While not for everyone, the 1970s disco vibe adds an element of fun to the decor. Some popular choices involve mirrored disco balls not just over the dance floor but everywhere, including centrepieces, head tables and even at the ceremony. They also work well if you plan to introduce interesting lighting, helping to capture the light and adding plenty of glitter and sparkle. 

However, expect to see the glitter ball idea popping up in wedding fashions with a rebirth of sequins and florals. What better way to create a joyful experience that embraces the celebration of love and encourages family and friends to dance the night away?

3. Toss aside conventional colours for something vibrant and bold

Vibrant colours like fuchsias, pinks, yellows, oranges and bright red scarlets replace traditional soft or rich, deep colours. The demure bride no longer leans towards safe colours; instead, they will embrace brilliance in colour and replace solids with patterns.

You can infuse a statement pattern into bridal party fashions, table linens, and reception chairs, including florals, geometrics and other unique prints. Just be sure to create a cohesive look so things don’t look hectic instead of thoughtful!

4. Barbie everything 

The hit of the Barbie movie has made a lasting impression as young couples bring Barbie everything into their wedding plans. “Barbiecore” has a life of touching every aspect of Barbie fanatics’ lives. It builds on the maximalism trend with elaborate displays and whimsical touches such as balloons, sparkles and sequins, in hand with Barbilicious colours like bubblegum, neon and magenta pinks. 

Floral arrangements either take a back seat to flamboyant, massive, colour-blocked floral walls or lose out to balloon walls, arches and centrepieces. Barbie fashion is also likely to make an appearance, even if it’s just a flash of magenta pumps as the bride walks down the aisle, large pink ribbons in bridesmaids' hair, a neon pink handkerchief in the groom’s tux pocket, or bubblegum pink cumberbund on the groomsmen. 

5. Statement ceilings

Massive floral displays hung over tables or the dancefloor create an elegant yet impactful punch of texture and colour. Whether you go with a monotone palette, all white, or a combination of brilliant flowers, hanging floral installations will be the go-to elegant touch for 2024 wedding banquet halls in Vaughan. 

Greener, dried flowers and colour blocking will also be popular for floral ceiling installations. To add more interest or to reflect your personality, you can also create your take on the ceiling trend using your choice of items, from vinyl records to chandeliers and bird cages to antique window panes or picture frames.

6. Unexpected floral vessels

Using unique vessels as vases for centrepieces will also make a big splash. From antique teapots and tea urns to vintage pitchers and copper and brass watering cans to dramatic gothic wine goblets and decanters, vases are out, and anything goes.

7. Eco-chic

With a focus on sustainability and supporting green initiatives, expect more couples to use eco-friendly options for their weddings. It is not just your basic rustic infusions but a much more sophisticated approach that creates an eco-chic look. 

Some examples are using floral petals and leaves instead of confetti, elegant recyclable decor, vintage and stage prop rentals, passing on paper for programs, invitations, menus, table setting cards, etc. 

Limiting waste is also essential, which might include going flowerless, avoiding buffets, and creating menus that make the most of every part of each ingredient. 

8. Statement aisles

Building on the maximalist design trend, statement aisles entirely use the traditional walk down the aisle as a significant decor opportunity. Couples will go all out to create impressive aisles that are extravagant and dramatic. 

From planting full flower beds along outdoor wedding aisles to massive lanterns with burning candles and flowers and aisles dressed with generations of family wedding photos in vintage frames to full-sized trees in urns, statement aisles are the be-all and end-all for 2024 weddings. 

9. Pretty, elegant pearls

The subtle opalescent shimmer of pearls is also making its debut as a 2024 design element. It harkens to the romance and history of great-grandmother’s pearls and the elegance and grace that string of pearls represent. 

Look for them in bridal jewellery and hairstyles woven into veils, adding subtle elements in bridal footwear, on delicate lace and sheer gloves and embellishments on votive candles, floral designs and wedding cakes. 

10. Glass and transparent materials

Glass, plexiglass and acrylic will appear unexpectedly at the 2024 wedding. Lucite chairs, glass vases and candlesticks, clear-top tents and other transparent accents will bring more natural light and sparkle to Vaughan's dark banquet halls.  

These trends will inspire your plans to create a statement wedding in 2024.

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