Top 10 Wedding Trends to Look out for in 2020

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With 2020 in full swing, it’s time to start talking about the most current and classy wedding trends that will be seen a lot more in the upcoming months. While couples still gravitate towards some traditions, it’s clear that 2020 is all about personal tastes, individuality and letting go of societal expectations.

Couples are letting loose and having fun with everything, from the major planning to the minor details. Not only are couples injecting their personality and uniqueness into every aspect of their wedding planning, but they’re also paying a lot more attention to details and being sentimental about what they decide to include.

After all, your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to break all the rules and start your new chapter together unapologetically.

  1. Sustainability

    One wedding trend that is definitely here to stay is sustainability. Sustainable weddings come in a variety of forms, such as choosing sustainable or eco-friendly vendors or repurposing wedding décor and going for zero waste.

    Weddings can be lavish, wasteful, and over-the-top. Let’s break the cycle in 2020 and be responsible, eco-conscious and mindful of what we consume. Weddings can be fun without harming the environment.

  2. Unconventional seating

    2020 is the year to really think outside of the box and push boundaries when it comes to wedding designs and arrangements.

    Unconventional seating, table arrangements and layouts are going to be a wedding trend we see much more of in 2020. Why not wind your tables together in a cool design or put your stage in the middle of the room for your guests to circle around you?

  3. Colourful tuxedos

    Most of the western world envisions a bride in white and a groom in a black tuxedo. While this is a great traditional look, it can easily become very boring and normalized. Luckily, grooms are switching out the black tuxedos for something a little more eye-catching.

    Jewel tones, velvet, patterns and accessories are quickly becoming popular fashion statements for grooms this year. Colourful tuxedos are no longer considered tacky but rather a breath of fresh air.

  4. Smaller guest lists

    We’ve all been to exorbitantly huge weddings where the bride and groom don’t even know half of the people in the room. This is because a couple feels forced to invite people, co-workers, or distant family members they hardly know or don’t get along with.

    In these scenarios, the couple often feels awkward and uncomfortable being themselves and letting loose during what is supposed to be their special day. Fortunately, couples nowadays are not afraid to be selective and purposeful with the guest list and are less likely to let external factors dictate who gets invited to their wedding. By keeping the guest list smaller, couples can focus on the guests who they truly want to be there and can easily interact with everyone.

  5. Mysticism themes

    Crystals, energy healing, aura readings and mysticism will definitely be seen in 2020. Not only can incorporating crystals and gemstones be beautiful décor, but also they can add to the vibe of your wedding and the energy of your guests.

    If spirituality and mysticism are important to you, 2020 is a great time to showcase these elements at your wedding and allow your guests to enjoy or learn something new.

  6. Bold fashion statements

    2020 is the year to be bold and brave in wedding fashion. Brides are choosing statement veils to accentuate their dress and go that extra mile. Bold sleeves, unconventional designs, headpieces and unique accessories are taking the spotlight. Brides are not afraid to take risks and own their fashion choices.

  7. Mixing bridesmaid dresses

    Having a team of bridesmaids at your wedding is a tradition that has held strong for many years and stands the test of time. Friendship and support systems will always be extremely important to couples that are planning a wedding. Traditionally, bridesmaids wore matching dresses, particularly in unflattering colours and designs.

    Nowadays, brides are letting bridesmaids choose their own dresses and allowing them to mix and match with each other while keeping their own individual style intact. As 2020 is all about showing individuality, this doesn’t just apply to the bride and groom. Bridesmaid dresses still complement each other and look great together without being painfully matching or void of personality.

  8. Natural hairstyles

    Gone are the days when brides show up at the altar with a helmet of hairspray, tightly coiled curls or intricate up-dos. Brides are now opting for more natural, comfortable hairstyles and are even choosing to forgo a hairstylist altogether.

    Wearing your natural hair looks great because it shows you are comfortable in your skin, and nothing is more desirable than that.

  9. Professional photo booths

    Another popular wedding trend to look out for this year are professional, portrait style photo booths that are artfully and stylishly done. Instead of your average photo booth, these shots can be edited, perfected and sent to your guests as a keepsake after the party. Expect to see your friends changing their profile pictures simultaneously.

  10. A variety of food

    It’s a fact that more and more people are becoming conscious of what food they choose to eat. Veganism and vegetarianism are on the rise and couples that are planning weddings are learning to accommodate different food preferences. Despite differences in diet, all guests want to feel like they are included and thought of. We must be more inclusive in 2020, starting with what’s on the menu.

While these trends are certainly on the rise, keep in mind that your wedding is ultimately about you and your spouse. Don’t go for what’s trendy or fashionable at the moment if you don’t feel that it represents your personality. Being true to you will never go out of style.

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