Top 6 Wedding Must-Haves

Top 6 Wedding Must-Haves

Weddings are exciting by nature but ensuring that all your guests have fun is another matter. The day should be about the bride and the groom. All you should worry about is the dress, veil, suit and tie. So, how do you make a wedding fun for everyone?

At Chateau Le Jardin, we specialize in weddings. From the cream of the crop venue to gourmet catering that will have guests coming back for more. In our time serving brides and grooms in Vaughan, we have seen our share of amazing weddings, and we know what it takes to keep things interesting.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of our top ideas to make your wedding fun and keep the day focused on the love you and your partner share.

Finger Food Upon Arrival

A three-course plated dinner offers elegance, gourmet fare, and the assurance that everyone gets just what they want. What before then? After a day witnessing you tie the knot, your guests will surely be feeling peckish.

Work with your catering manager, and organize snack trays upon arrival to make the rounds and keep guests satisfied until dinner is served.

Great ideas for snacks include:

  • Charcuterie trays
  • Finger sandwiches
  • Veggies and dip
  • Fruit and chocolate fondue
  • Dessert squares

As an alternative, some wedding venues coordinate with local food trucks. Imagine having your favourite poutine or taco truck parked at the door of your wedding. Guests can line up for a treat and keep the party going.

Create a Signature Cocktail

Champagne and strawberries are classic, but what about a drink that’s all your own? Working with our fantastic caterers and bartenders, design a signature cocktail for your special event.

Find a theme to center your drink around. For example, if your honeymoon plans involve Hawaii, you could call your drink ‘Luau Love Potion’. You could also name your drink after yourselves, like Bev’s Bellini and Mark’s Mojito. Or design something completely new.

Don’t forget to have something fun on hand for the mommy to be, the non-alcohol drinkers, and the younger crowd. Mocktails are an excellent addition to any drink list, and let everybody feel included in the celebration without the need to imbibe.

Fantasy Lights and Flowers

Boho-chic and whimsical fantasy weddings are all the rage. This means flowers, flowers, flowers and lots of twinkling lights. Working one on one with our wedding concierge, you’ll have top of the line support from beginning to end. Designing, procuring, and arranging lighting and floral décor takes a keen eye and strong knowledge of local vendors.

Get married beneath a blooming archway, walk an aisle strewn with aromatic petals, and dance the night away under a ceiling inspired by the starry night sky. If you’re looking for a showstopper, amp up the décor for real wow factor.

Have a Designated Play Space

Weddings in Vaughan bring guests of all ages, and while teens and adults will have a blast dancing and chatting, younger guests might feel left out. A designated children’s space entertains kiddos and offers parents a chance to relax.

Consider indoor playground equipment such as slides and swings. Create a whimsical chill zone with bean bag chairs and video games. Or, hire costumed entertainers to incorporate face painting and balloon animals into the mix. Some other ideas for children’s fun include:

  • A Lego station
  • Train and Hot Wheel tracks
  • Playdoh table
  • Colouring area
  • Reading room
  • Pillow fort
  • Playhouse

Recently, there’s been a rise in the popularity of children movie character actors as party guests. What child can resist a chance to sit with Cinderella, dance with Snow White, or braid hair with Rapunzel? Inviting a children’s “celebrity” to the event is sure to thrill your younger guests, and give them a chance to feel special.

Create Your Own Hashtag

Hashtags are prominent right now, and sharing weddings on social media is even more significant. Many modern newlyweds choose to share photos with friends and families through a custom hashtag.

Creating your own hashtag is simple and motivates wedding goers to help you capture and share memories of the big day. Simply set up a sign expressing your wish for guests to capture as many photos as possible and share them all over social media with your unique hashtag.

Get Your Guests Dancing

Nothing says “wedding in Vaughan” like a packed dance floor! Whether your hire a band, a DJ, or curate your own playlist, remember that the music will determine how long the party will last!

Make arrangements to watch a rehearsal or public performance, or ask the band or DJ to provide testimonials from previous clients. If you’re curating your own playlist, create a public playlist online, and invite your friends to include their favourite tracks.

Music can make or break a wedding, so we recommend creating a “do-not-play” list, with songs that you prefer not to play. This will ensure that no one accidentally clears out the dancefloor!

For more ideas and tips on creating a fun wedding, call Chateau le Jardin at 1-888-517-0682 or contact us here.

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