Unique Wedding Themes That Will Make Your Day Stand Out

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Today’s couples are not interested in creating the same old weddings their moms planned. Instead, it’s all about creating a unique experience that reflects what they are all about. Traditional weddings may work for the right situation, but if you’re looking for unique wedding ideas, try some of these themes on for size.

Achieve Micro-Uniqueness with Alternative Themes

Simply put, the alternative wedding doesn’t fit into a specific theme or style. It is a unique niche idea all your own, with every detail personalized to the extreme. From the wedding dress to the groom’s garb, and from the individual choices of the bridesmaid’s dresses to the fitted-out groomsmen, people might not be able to put their finger on what style clothes you’ve chosen. Décor is completely unique and can reflect a certain movie, song, iconic image or personality, spot in the world, or something only the bride and groom get. Everything is unique, one of a kind, and all you.

Time Travel with Era Weddings

Era weddings can reflect any time in history from the jazz, glitz, and glam of the 1920s to the psychedelic, happy-faced, tie-dyed 1960s, and from the Renaissance to the Victorian eras. Era weddings can be subtle in the historical influences or taken to “larping” extremes.

Relax with Boho Chic Settings

This has become a popular look, as it takes little effort to achieve. It combines eclectic, mismatched details with the unity of simplistic harmony and colour. It’s a garden theme that meets a cozy lounge, where elegant, subtle touches never take away from the laid-back feel. Perfect for outdoor weddings or rural locations, boho chic is sweet, inviting, and casual, without sacrificing the pretty details that make a wedding a wedding.

Create Harmony with Classic Weddings

Since traditional weddings have fallen out of grace with modern couples, throwing a classic wedding with all the white and linen of yore are now considered retro and charming. Everything is whitewashed or pastel, with hints of silver or gold on tables. Light and airy, soft and pretty, the classic wedding uses more monotones than the modern wedding but adds texture for subtle differences. This is the choice for the formal wedding couple, complete with a retro cocktail hour and well-appointed tables with charger plates.

Go Rustic with Country-Spun Fun

This is where everything is rustic; from the vintage Ford pickup that the bride arrives in, to the cowboy boots that the wedding party kicks up on the dance floor. Everything is homespun and fun, replacing a multi-tiered cake with rustic, handmade pies and choosing a band that has at least one banjo and fiddle. The décor includes baskets of dried flowers, wooden barrels for cocktail tables, and reclaimed barn board behind the newlyweds at dinner. Invitations are custom-stamped with natural inks, and dinner includes home-cooked comfort foods served up family-style at one big, long trestle table, preferably made of pine! Swap out the white table linens for checkered tablecloths, and you’ve nailed it.

Simple Elegance with Modern Weddings

This is the city-dweller’s dream, with the urban landscape as the backdrop and the formalities and conveniences of the hippest rooftop bar as your venue. You can be playful, but never sacrifice sophistication, trendy, but extremely fashionable and always up to date on the latest of everything from cocktails to menu ingredients. A simplistic style is a must for the entire wedding party, as well as the cake. The cake might look plain, but it’s far from it when it comes to the ingredients, which must include the latest in foodie-driven crazes.

Embrace the Green Lifestyle with Natural Weddings

This is the wedding with farm to table menus, eco-friendly everything, vintage items, used wedding gowns and tuxes, and natural, raw décor. Everything is local, sustainable, recyclable, and ethical. However, you don’t miss a beat in creating a beautiful wedding with natural elements like fresh living plants, or beautifully laid tables featuring the foods you are about to dine on, and the sparkle of non-toxic candlelight from vintage candelabras. Your wine is from organic grapes, your cocktails are made from local distilleries, and your beer was brewed in small batches at a microbrewery.

Head to Sea with Nautical Themes

Whether you’re lakeside or out on the water, nautical themes are fun, yet classy. Mimic the lifestyle of the rich, and famous yachting crowd; think Martha’s Vineyard meets first-class ocean liner and you’ll get it right. It’s champagne flutes and seashells, pretty hurricane lanterns with pale blue and turquoise linens, cocktail shrimp, and champagne toasts. You can play it up or down, going more beach and less ocean liner, or vice versa. Go cottage side or yacht club for your venue, or create your own little Cape Cod getaway at a local venue.

Go Hip and Swank with a Retro Wedding

Retro weddings are quite different from era weddings, as they specifically create that “Mad Men” vibe. It’s all about tight dresses and narrow ties, slow dancing to sexy jazz, and sipping martinis or old fashions at a swanky bar. But you can also have fun with it, choosing mid-century sofas to create a cocktail lounge, having your wedding party in distinctly 1960s clothes, including the bride in a mid-thigh length gown and hiring a 1960s convertible instead of a limo. Flowers a little tacky such as daisies, carnations, and lots of baby’s breath, and centrepieces are tiny table lamps complete with lampshades for that low-light ambiance.

Choose Whimsy to Enchant and Welcome Guests

Some wedding themes can be intimidating if they are too far out from the expected. Whimsical weddings offer the best of both worlds: a chance to make your unique statement, while still looking like a wedding people can get on board with! It’s boho, meets rustic, meets green wedding. It’s tasteful yet playful, colourful yet harmonic, with touches of a garden party for a hint of sophistication. You might choose china for table settings, but it’s mismatched to create quaintness. Your flowers might be simple, but rustic with hints of yellow daisies and pretty wildflowers. Bridesmaid dresses are playful and colourful, and groomsmen have patterned ties and pocket squares.

Creating a wedding theme can be subtle or glaringly obvious, classy or purposefully kitschy. The trick is to create your unique spin to mark one of the most important days of your life.

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