What Everyone Should Know About Decorating a Rented Venue

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Regardless of the type of event you are planning, whether it’s casual or more corporate, the venue needs to set the right backdrop. That means the decorations must help create the mood but, due to its size, decorating a rented venue can be overwhelming.

However, with some smart planning and the venue’s event team behind you, it is possible to create the ideal setting for any occasion. Here’s what everyone should know about decorating a rented venue.

Consider the Space

First, you have to consider the space for the event. A hall venue is very different from a restaurant, for example. The scope of what you can do is also determined by the existing decorative elements.

If you rent a venue with lovely architectural details, then you might get away with limited input like some impressive urns with fresh floral arrangements. On the other hand, if you are renting a community hall, the space will tend to be more utilitarian and will therefore need far more effort to create the atmosphere you want.

Focus on Key Decorative Elements

For most occasions there will be a few key decorative elements where you should focus your efforts including:

  • Tables: These present an excellent opportunity to add colour and drama. Things as simple as the right colour or texture of table linens provide the perfect foundation for any event. Consider your colour theme and how it can be used on your tables.

    Can you attach something fun, pretty or elegant to the chairs? Can you layer table linens to create more interest? What type of floral arrangements can you afford? Are candles appropriate for the occasion? Can you leave little name tags or gifts at each seat to add interest to the table? Maybe something can be scattered on the table like rose petals, glitter or confetti?

    The trick is to create a unifying theme throughout the room based on colour or the nature of your décor.

  • The Room: Once you decide on your table designs, you can start looking at the backdrop. Is there anything in the room that can be used as part of the decorations? Columns or pillars? Wall sconces? An interesting chandelier? Lighting? Plus, is there anything less attractive in the room you might want to downplay or even cover? Using your tables for inspiration, see how you can build another layer to your decoration scheme.
  • Lighting: This provides a great opportunity to make the most of your rented venue. Lights can be programmed to change colour or focus on the colour theme of your event. You can also look for ways to use light to display screens such as images or words.
  • Floral Arrangements: Tables aren’t the only place for floral arrangements. If your budget allows, consider renting large urns with birch or palm trees, massive artificial floral displays to create a perimeter in the room or to fill up empty corners or large, impressive urns at the entrance. You can even create trellises or arches with flowers.

Is it a balloon event?

Not all events are balloon events. However, you can create interesting features using balloons and even make them more formal based on the colour. Elegant blacks, creams or metallics can be very impressive and can also be used to create features such as arches.

Create Vignettes

Don’t get caught up in traditional decorations. Use your event theme to come up with exciting opportunities to create vignettes. Some unusual elements to consider adding to your décor scheme include:

  • A wall of antique doors painted different colours
  • Old window panes
  • Rented furniture such as antique sofas and chairs or modern low leather sofas for lounging
  • Elegant drapes or gossamer sheers hung from the ceiling to create different areas
  • Area rugs
  • Massive floor candelabras
  • Antique chandeliers
  • Artwork or gallery areas to fill up walls
  • Interesting stacks of items like luggage, large books or hat boxes
  • Picket fences and gates
  • Groups of related items such as a travel theme with a large globe, luggage and maps or a movie theme with an antique film camera, a director’s chair and a glamorous makeup table complete with lights

There really is no end to the vignettes you can create to help build on your theme.

Time It Right

Speak to your venue to find out how much time you have to decorate. This is important as it will impact your design plans. Find out who will be available to help so you know if you need to enlist some volunteers.

Consider Rentals

As part of your vignette and décor scheme consider renting items for the event. Some major considerations might include:

  • A photo booth
  • Additional furniture
  • Partitions if you have different activities going on
  • Some sort of backdrop for photos
  • A projector to cast images on the wall
  • Mirrors
  • Tall floor lamps

Think Seasonally

If you lack inspiration for a theme, try thinking seasonally:

  • Spring: In the spring it’s all about tulips and daffodils, pussy willow branches, pastel colours and cherry blossoms.
  • Summer: You can have a lot of fun with summer from beach themes to garden parties and cottages to English tea parties to create a very laid-back atmosphere.

    However, you can also go in the opposite direction to create something more sophisticated using elegant urns with topiaries, trellises with cascading roses, pretty birch trees or building on berry season.

  • Fall: Look at decorative touches like wheat sheaves, haystacks, corn stalks, pumpkins and gourds, tree branches with fall leaves, etc. Use fall colours in deep rusts, burgundies, reds, oranges and browns. You can also do something more whimsical focusing on a Halloween theme.
  • Winter: In the winter, build on the holidays for inspiration with evergreen branches, feathery angel wings, candles, snowflakes, and ice etc. You can do a blue, silver and white theme or gold and red to create a more elegant setting or whimsical red and green for something more casual.

It is one of the easiest ways to create the ideal atmosphere for your event.

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