Why Valentine’s Day is the Ideal Day to Marry

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Choosing a wedding date is never easy. Your to-do list is long with many considerations from choosing a banquet hall, to making your guest list, finding a colour scheme, and choosing your wedding date. Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. It offers many opportunities to plan a unique wedding filled with special touches that reflect the day. If you are a true romantic, here are 10 reasons you should consider getting married on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Intriguing history

Many people are not aware of the truly romantic, albeit tragic story behind Valentine’s Day. Saint Valentine broke the law laid down by the Roman Emperor Claudius II in the third century A.D. forbidding men to marry. Claudius wanted men to focus on fighting for their country instead. Father Valentine continued to marry people in secret and for this, he was sentenced to death. We celebrate Valentine’s Day to honour his bravery and exchange cards to mark the miracle performed by St. Valentine when he was in jail. He healed a jailer’s daughter and before his execution on A.D. 270 on February 14, he sent a note to her signed “From your Valentine.”

  1. A ready-made theme

Theme weddings are always fun, and what better theme for a wedding than Valentine’s Day? You can choose to build on the whimsy of the day or go more sophisticated with a focus on the romantic aspect. You can choose traditional design touches such as lace, hearts and cherubs, or go a little more edgy with white feathers and Cupid’s bows. You can carry this theme across the wedding, from quirky ‘Be My Valentine’ themed invitations, to a Valentine’s treat buffet with cinnamon hearts, sophisticated handmade chocolate covered marshmallows, luscious truffles and chocolate dipped strawberries.

If you want a more elegant wedding, you can build on the romance of the holiday using all the traditional special touches associated with a romantic dinner such as lovely soft flickering candles, bolts of gauzy fabrics, garden-inspired flowers and trellises, and iridescent pearl highlights. You can take things to the next level and even encourage guests to dress as their favourite romantic character in history.

  1. Colour scheme perfection

White and red are the perfect colours for your Valentine’s themed wedding. But it doesn’t have to end there. For the more daring you can add some punches of sexy black or make a bold statement with magenta. If you want a sweeter look, go for blushes and pinks. You can also go completely monotone with your favourite Valentine’s colour to create a more modern look. Remember that your colour scheme will also be included in your wedding party wardrobe, so make sure you are choosing something that will work on the groomsmen’s accessories and your bridesmaids’ dresses.

  1. Perfect classic attire

Traditional looks rule the day at a Valentine’s Day wedding. You can embrace the old-fashioned look with classic styles for the bridesmaids’ dresses and groomsmen’s tuxes. You can get inspired by watching classic movies or go for a more retro vibe with mid-century styles of the Kennedy’s, Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe. If classic isn’t your style you can focus on adding your colour scheme accents in unusual ways, such as a belt or embroidery on the bridal gown. Innocence is made all the sweeter with those pink and blush accents. Use varying shades of pink and red, to create a spectrum of colours across all of your bridesmaids or zero in on a single colour across the entire party.

  1. Easy flowers

Valentine’s Day also makes choosing your flowers easier. Stunning solid red bouquets, red rose boutonnières, and white accents keep things simple yet elegant. Red roses are the go-to but if your budget doesn’t allow for many, you can go for casual carnations, or in-season flowers such as tulips, hydrangea, and freesia. And let’s not forget sweetheart pink roses or even solid white bouquets if you prefer.

  1. Romantic dining experience

Plan your menu around the traditional romantic dinner using a subtle, or bold statement based on aphrodisiacs. Your appetizers can feature a fresh oyster bar, chocolate can be incorporated in the main course with a chocolate infused mole sauce, and dessert can include an indulgent fondue with fresh fruit and sponge cake for dipping. Speak to the caterer at banquet halls in Vaughan and challenge them to come up with a unique menu that uses these ingredients in unusual but scrumptious ways. Your cake can be decorated with many Valentine themes from silhouettes of lovers to cascading hearts and from chocolate dipped strawberries to multiple heart-shaped tiers.

  1. Clever invitations

As we mentioned above, you can look for clever ways to incorporate Valentine’s Day into your invitations. You can build on the tradition of sharing cards with friends and lovers, or you can add a touch of whimsy with fun cards reminiscent of childhood Valentines. You can also keep with the usual wedding invitations but include Valentine’s Day in the wording to make it a little more unique.

  1. Delectable party favours

Build on the Valentine’s tradition of exchanging boxes of heart-shaped chocolates and use it for your party favours. You could include elegant truffles and hand-dipped chocolates or go for a more whimsical approach and hand out bags of Valentine’s candy such as cinnamon and candy hearts complete with Valentine’s messages.

  1. Special touches

Have fun with a special service where guests can send a Valentine’s card, carnation or chocolates to other guests at the wedding. This is a great way to encourage some new love connections but is also something in which anyone can participate, including kids. Have a Valentine’s candy bar at midnight or a chocolate fountain with fresh strawberries for dipping. Create an interesting vignette for selfies such as an old-fashioned rowboat with a Central Park backdrop, a bicycle built for two with Victorian costumes, or a most beloved romantic couple set up complete with themed costumes.

There is one more reason to choose Valentine’s Day for your wedding: You will never forget your wedding anniversary!

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