Winter Wedding Colour Trends

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With winter around the corner, the talk of winter weddings will spice up the air. Here, we discuss some of the latest winter wedding colour trends that you can use to plan the wedding of a lifetime—especially if you are planning on reserving a wedding banquet hall in Vaughan.

Cozy: Classic Red, Champagne, Sage and Navy

Red has always been a classic colour for winter weddings. It is intimate, bold, warm and beautiful. You can spice things up by adding deep navy blue shades that are cool to complement your hot reds. The end result is a stunning statement that also adds instant warmth to any festive occasion.

Or you can opt for a champagne tone and/or a sage green that is soft in order to tone down the palette, as they are colours that are neutral but also exude a vibe that is quite organic. Now, some experts may feel that this combination is slightly on the moody side of things, but we feel that amalgamating cooler hues with vibrant reds will add zest, promoting an eclectic and gorgeous aesthetic.

As an added tip, you can intertwine your personalities when you select your wedding stationery in order to determine what you’d like to send out to your wedding guests. For instance, if you consider yourselves to be a laid back couple who enjoys wearing plenty of flannel then you can send out fun invites with amusing buffalo plaid.

Spicy: Custom Sage, Burgundy, Ashwood and Ivory

Burgundy that is brownish in hue can add some spice to a wedding; especially a cold winter wedding that can use some heat: This palette is organic and neutral, and includes ivory, burgundy and ashwood, as well as a delectable eucalyptus shade. The palette can also be dressed down or up depending on your preferences and works especially well for wedding ceremonies with a rustic ambiance.

Also, while the spicy trend involves four different hues the combo is very easy to incorporate and is not overwhelming in the least. Furthermore, the spicy blend will evoke nostalgic feelings of warmth, joy and romance, and is inspired by the outdoor elements.

You can also up the ante by completing the wedding decor with rich wooden accents, or divine roses made with ivory. Perhaps incorporate crisp eucalyptus and toasty pine cones to complement your organic palette. In fact, the eucalyptus leaves can serve as beautiful and easy confetti for a wedding with a rustic theme, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

Crimson: Custom Gold, Ivory, Peacock, Mulberry, Rain

It looks like precious jewel tones are here to stay during the frigid winter season. Enjoy bursts of ivory, crisp and cool teals, shimmering gold and light crimson to create an unexpected and head-turning palette that will pop exceptionally well with a colour perfection that is truly mesmerizing. The amalgam will also trigger nostalgic feelings that are so unforgettable and warm that your wedding guests will be talking about your wedding for years to come.

The crimson red also works exceptionally well for weddings with a vintage or historical theme. The style range that this palette covers is remarkable, and we especially love how grandiose, elegant and romantic it can be.

As an added tip you can rejuvenate your tablescape by adding shine and colour to your reception in order to evoke a feeling of rich glamour but also serene comfort. For instance, you can add napkins that are bright, antiquated candelabras, soft and warm lighting, sequin runners, or glamorous chandeliers to your reception area. The end result is a reception space that is truly stunning that will leave your guests in awe.

Frozen: Custom Ivory, Gold, Green and Navy

You can’t go wrong with navy blue, as it is considered a classic colour for weddings; especially winter weddings. Why not channel the hue that complements a cool winter night into the decor and apparel of your once in a lifetime wedding?


Moreover, the custom green will serve to add freshness, as it is a colour inspired by nature. As for the ivory and gold, they accent the cool hues in a quintessential fashion. We feel that this classic combination is a great starting point because navy blue weddings are all about evoking sophistication as well as demure elegance.


We also can’t discuss a navy blue winter wedding without talking about cake! We would recommend a cake that captures the cool atmosphere of a winter wedding but still adds the right amount of warmth and elegance. You can also step things up by adding some greenery and winter berries to the mix. In other words, get creative and add some dashes of colour to bring your cake to life.

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