12 Bachelorette Party Photoshoot Ideas You Need to Consider

12 bachelorette party photoshoot ideas you need to consider

Your bachelorette party is a once-in-a-lifetime event celebrating your final days of singledom and nurturing relationships with your BFFs. It’s an occasion you want to capture in photos so you can look back on them fondly and share them with those who couldn’t join you at the bachelorette party venue in Vaughan. 

Whether you’re the bride or the maid of honour planning the bachelorette, you want to ensure your photoshoot goes off without a hitch. Here are 12 ideas you need to consider for genuinely memorable photos. 

1. Consider a theme

We’re not necessarily saying you and your guests must dress up in costumes. While you certainly can choose a theme like Barbie or Dancing Queen, your theme can be something more subtle, like a colour scheme that ties in with your wedding colours. 

A theme helps inspire your photos and also helps set the tone for what your guests should wear. 

2. Consider the location

What are the things that interest you? What are locations in the city that have meaning to you? What are your favourite activities? Is there a location that brings back memories for you and your guests? Are there opportunities for photos at your bachelorette party venue in Vaughan? These questions can help you find the right location. 

If you aren’t sure where to take your photos, you can search online for the best photoshoot spots in the GTA. Some ideas might include edgy locations like Graffiti Alley and Kensington Market, historic sites like the Distillery District, Casa Loma or U of T, beautiful gardens like High Park or Edwards Gardens, or dramatic backdrops like the Humber Bay Arch Bridge or Royal Ontario Museum.

3. Number of guests

You might consider limiting the photo shoot to your BFFs instead of inviting the entire gang. It will make finding a location that has meaning to you easier. For example, if you met at school, some of the shots can be taken on campus, in the schoolyard, or even in areas of the school like the cafeteria or front steps. 

If you want to include everyone or do shots of your closest friends in one place and everyone in another, you still need to consider the size of the group to make the most of the photos. 

4. Candid shots

If you include everyone, asking the photographer to take candid shots is best. It is a fun way to capture people in the moment, and you can then select the best photos to share. 

5. Group shots

Your photographer can also take some group shots, such as the bride with her sisters and mom, the bride with her maid of honour, the bride with her bridesmaids, etc. It is an excellent way to include everyone, as you can break the groups into associations such as friends, families, generations, etc.

6. Get everyone involved

Shots don’t have to be professional. Your guests are likely to get some of the best shots while they’re in the thick of things, so consider asking everyone to send you their shots of the evening. You can then review them and save the best pictures to include in your album, share them on social media, etc.

7. Set some ground rules for sharing

If your bachelorette party is likely to involve drinking, you should set some ground rules for the photo types people can take and share. Guests won’t enjoy pictures of themselves in compromising situations that could ruin their reputation or even get into the hands of their employers. 

Setting some ground rules will ensure everyone’s privacy is respected. 

8. Use photos as wedding party gifts

Beautiful photos of your closest friends and family members captured at your bachelorette party venue in Vaughan can also make lovely gifts. Have your favourites printed, enlarged and framed, or make them into photo albums you give to all the guests.

9. Speak to your wedding photographer

Your wedding photographer could be the perfect person to take the photos or make recommendations to help make your photoshoot successful. It includes everything from possible locations to group shot recommendations and time of day to ideal colours that will work well for your colour scheme. 

10. Consider props and accessories

If you want to add more whimsy to your photoshoot, consider having props and accessories available. It allows the group to have fun and try out different looks. Props such as sparklers, champagne glasses, balloons, vintage phones, tea cups, etc., are fun and offer exciting photo opportunities. 

Some bachelorette-friendly accessories include tiaras, glam vintage sunglasses, boas, hats, oversized jewellery, etc. 

11. Make a list of poses you’d like to take

Along with your list of group shots, consider some poses you’d like to take. Some ideas might include everyone lined up arm in arm, an overhead shot of a group hug, posing on a set of steps, sitting on a fence, standing in front of a lovely fountain, everyone pointing at the bride, etc. 

You should also include action shots like everyone jumping for joy (for those who can), throwing confetti in the air, toasting with champagne, or funny shots of guests eating party cake. 

12. Make sure the bride stands out

The larger the group, the more pronounced the bride needs to be. Ask her what she wants to wear to feel comfortable, and share this information with all the guests to avoid fashion faux pas. 

Bachelorette parties should be fun, and photos shouldn’t make people uncomfortable. Be sure to ask if there’s anyone who would prefer not to participate in the shoot or be left out of group and candid shots for the evening. Setting ground rules will help protect everyone’s privacy and allow the bride to create an album of beautiful memories she can look back on for years. 

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