12 Pro Tips to Personalize Your Wedding

12 pro tips to personalize your wedding

Planning a wedding can become monotonous. You have so many decisions to make that it’s often easier to bow to common “defaults” that make your wedding feel turnkey and impersonal.

To help make your celebration unique, use these 12 pro tips to personalize your wedding.

1. Add Meaningful Details to Your Bouquet & Boutonnière

Carrying a bouquet of flowers down the aisle is a time-honoured tradition for most brides. However, you can include a unique item in your bouquet to make it more meaningful. Some examples might include the following:

  • A silver-framed portrait of a recently lost loved one
  • A photo reflecting a special memory, such as the place you met
  • A ribbon or memento was given to you by a loved one
  • A family heirloom such as a piece of jewellery
  • A particular piece of fabric or lace from a loved one’s wedding dress
  • A whimsical symbol that reflects your personality, such as Chanel lipstick if you love fashion, a paintbrush if you are an artist or a stethoscope if you are a doctor

There is no end to the creativity you can include in a traditional bridal bouquet or groom’s Boutonnière.

2. Include Something Unexpected at Your Ceremony

Aside from specific religious rites or legal jargon, you can make your wedding ceremony your own.

Whether it’s a musical interlude, a unique tradition that symbolizes the joining of your lives, such as a sand vase, including your pets or kids, or hiring a local celebrity to perform the ceremony, there are hundreds of ways to create an authentic, yet creative ceremony unlike any other.

It can also be something pre or post-ceremony such as greeting guests with a mug of hot cocoa and a flannel blanket for a winter wedding or having everyone wear a baseball cap with your favourite team’s logo.

3. Create a Selfie Backdrop

With everyone still selfie-crazy, consider creating an interesting selfie backdrop where people can take pictures to share on your wedding social media account.

It makes a source of entertainment during the reception while producing an album of memories you can reflect on after your honeymoon.

4. Create a Signature Cocktail

Signature cocktails have become a new tradition for many couples. Greeting guests with a signature cocktail approved by the bride and groom can set a new cocktail craze while providing a fun way to greet guests as they arrive at the reception. Give it a clever name to add to the fun.

5. Go Rogue on Your Menu

Instead of adhering to basic wedding menu rules, create a unique menu for you and your spouse.

Whether it is something fun and casual like burgers and shakes, food to reflect your cultural background, or introducing some unique ingredients to your guests, foodie experiences are always the perfect opportunity to add a twist of personality to your celebration.

6. Deconstruct the Seating Arrangements

You don’t have to adhere to the boring head table and seating plans at every wedding. Consider new ways to seat guests to make your wedding unique. For example, have one long table, and serve the meal family style.

You might go with square tables instead of the traditional round table. A buffet service with seating options like a lounge area, bar tables for standing, and standard seating gives people choices of where they want to sit. The sky’s the limit. Ensure everyone is considered in the arrangements so no one is left out or uncomfortable.

7. Get Creative with Projections

Add interest to bare walls by creating exciting projections.

Whether it is an ongoing slideshow telling your story, flickering black and white silver screen movies, images of the places you’ve travelled, or a display of old family wedding photos going back for generations, projections can keep people engaged, start conversations and also tell guests more about your spouse.

8. Use Props

No law says you must stick to flowers and candles for your wedding decorations. Consider using different props to create a unique backdrop at your wedding ceremony and reception venue.

For example, you might set up antique windows and doors to represent the new home you are creating together. You might include props that reflect your interests, such as stacks of antique luggage in the church entry if you travel or reels of old movies or directors’ chairs if you love the classics.

9. Use Witty Signage

Whether it’s projected in neon lights, scratched on chalkboards, or painted on fabric, use witty signage to inspire guests, make people laugh, or reflect your sentiments about the day.

It provides entertainment while acting as a great conversation starter to break the ice.

10. Ban Certain Traditions

Many wedding traditions are downright annoying. Ban certain rituals you don’t want to honour, such as clanging glasses, boring speeches, the first dance, or anything else that doesn’t suit your ideals.

11. Make it Eco-Friendly

Commit to an eco-friendly wedding with some eco-friendly rules, such as:

  • A reception free of plastics
  • Banning over packaged frivolous gifts
  • Serving locally sourced ingredients for your wedding meal
  • Wearing vintage apparel for the entire wedding party
  • Banning fossil-fuel-powered limos
  • Choosing eco-friendly mementos to share with guests, like a pot of fresh herbs
  • Booking a local glamping experience for your honeymoon to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from air travel

12. Go the DIY Route

Add the personal touch by going the DIY route. Make your wedding dress, arrange your flowers, create unique bonbonnieres, etc.

Every little thing you create with your hands is another opportunity to infuse your personality into the celebrations.

Whether you add a few simple, personalized touches or go all out with every element of your wedding, these tips inspire you to create a one-of-a-kind wedding that no one will forget. If you’re organizing a bridal shower, explore Château Le Jardin’s delightful bridal shower packages tailored to suit the preferences of Vaughan brides.

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