14 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

14 questions to ask your wedding venue

Planning your wedding is exciting, but there’s so much to consider before you make any final decisions. One of the biggest decisions you’ll make is choosing your wedding venue. To cut down on the venues you visit, we always recommend making some calls to narrow down your choices.

Here are 14 questions to ask wedding venues to ensure they can provide the exact type of wedding package in Vaughan that will make your wedding dreams come true.

1. What is your guest capacity?

You must ensure that your venue space accommodates your full guest list. Choose a venue that’s too large, and you’ll wind up in a massive, empty space. On the other hand, if you pick a venue that’s too small, you might have to start slashing your guest list!

2. Can you recommend comfortable accommodations nearby?

Most people tend to enjoy more than a few drinks at wedding celebrations. You want your venue to have nearby accommodations that guests can reach with a quick Uber drive. Your venue should thus provide some excellent recommendations to ensure your guests have a convenient place to lay down their weary heads after a long night of partying.

3. What are your standout aesthetic features for wedding photos?

Some venues in Toronto look dull in appearance, which means your wedding photos could be less than thrilling. Ask your venue where they recommend you can take some exceptional shots at their site, whether it’s a garden, a lovely dramatic staircase, a fireplace, a private courtyard, or something completely unique.

4. Can you accommodate my décor vision?

Larger wedding venues offer things such as stunning chandeliers, interesting lighting options, various table linen colours, etc., to help you create the perfect ambiance for your reception. Ask the venue how they can accommodate your décor vision and whether they help set up the space with any specific décor items you wish to include.

5. What services do you offer?

You might be surprised to find your venue is very limited in the services they offer. It might boil down to a small venue space without caterers, wait staff, or coordinators. Although you can find an all-inclusive wedding package in Vaughan, you need to understand what that entails and what is included in the price. Some examples of services include:

  • Customized menus with an in-house chef
  • Flowers
  • Electronics such as, microphones and speakers for speeches, or projectors for special presentations like a collection of images of the bride and groom
  • Professional wait staff
  • Designated coordinators
  • Assisting with rentals or finding entertainment
  • Coat check
  • Tents for outdoor weddings
  • A dressing room or special suite for the bridal party
  • Accessibility
  • Free parking/valet
  • Bartenders

6. Do you have a backup plan for outdoor weddings?

Outdoor weddings are always risky and should come with a backup plan. Discuss what happens if your wedding is rained out and how they will accommodate your guests.

7. Do you have private outdoor space?

Having a nice outdoor space where guests can lounge before the meal is served, as they arrive, or after dinner is always nice. Some venues have patios, courtyards, or gardens, but they might not necessarily be exclusive to your guests.

8. Do you set everything up?

Some venues insist on doing the entire setup themselves, while others do nothing at all. Make sure you understand whether you need to arrange for friends and family to help, or even if you are allowed to have them help. If yes, find out when they can access the space.

For example, busy venues might not be available until the morning or even just a few hours before the reception, which can interfere with your day. This is also an important detail for other services like entertainment or florists.

9. How efficient is your venue’s electricity?

If you plan to bring in some specialty lighting for your décor, you’ll need to know if the venue can accommodate the setup. Do they have enough wall sockets? Where are the sockets located? You also want to feel safe that you won’t be at risk of blowing a fuse when your five-piece band or DJ sets up.

10. Do you have any restrictions?

Some venues might restrict the type of entertainment you hire, the use of candles, the throwing of confetti and rice, or even the volume of the music played. For example, venues located in a highly populated area, such as a side street in Toronto, might require you to turn off the music by 11 p.m. Make sure you understand any restrictions for décor, entertainment, or otherwise to avoid disappointment.

11. Where will guests enter the venue?

This is an important question for a number of reasons:

  • Accessibility: You want to make sure that any guests with limited physical ability won’t be faced with challenges entering the building.
  • Crowds: If the venue has more than one space available, you want to avoid a crowd of guests or attendees for other weddings and events, all arriving in the same area at the same time. This can cause much confusion and make it difficult to understand where your guests should go. Venues with private lobbies are always the nicest, so guests are greeted in an exclusive area with people attending the same event.
  • Walking distance: If guests come on public transit, will the entry point add more distance to their walk?
  • Parking: Will guests have to walk all the way to the front of the building if the parking is in the back?

    12. What’s your policy for refunds, deposits, and cancellations?

    We’ll assume you won’t have to worry about refunds or cancellations, but it’s still important to ask. You don’t want to find out there are no refunds, or that cancellations must be done months in advance. Of course, all couples will need to understand the deposit required to secure the space.

    13. How much is the cost of the entire wedding?

    A lot of wedding venues and wedding packages in Vaughan have hidden fees that impact your budget. These fees can be anything from cake-cutting or corkage fees to electronic rentals and automatic gratuities.

    Gratuities can be as much as 20% on top of your entire bill. The venue must provide a clear list of costs, so you can refuse to pay for anything you did not approve. Make sure you also consider all applicable taxes.

    14. How do your catering services work?

    There are all kinds of things you might need to know about catering, including:

    • Can you bring specialty food from another caterer such as a culturally traditional item?
    • Do they offer cakes?
    • Do they offer kosher meals or whatever special dietary needs you might have?
    • Can you request a special brand of wine, champagne, or spirits?
    • Do they offer different types of serving options, such as a buffet, serving stations, etc.?
    • Can you arrange a menu tasting?

      Asking these 14 questions will ensure there are no surprises, that you understand the pricing, and that your wedding package in Vaughan exceeds your expectations.

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