16 Bridal Shower Gift Wrapping Ideas

16 bridal shower gift wrapping ideas

Bridal showers are a celebration, offering an opportunity for guests to spoil the bride. Whether helping to choose bridal shower packages in Vaughan, planning activities, finding the ideal gift, or even deciding how to wrap your present, every decision should add to the bride’s experience.

If you want your gift to stand out or simply show the bride she is loved, these 16 bridal shower gift-wrapping ideas have got you “covered.”

1. Find unique wrapping paper boutiques

Instead of buying wrapping paper from the same stores as all the other guests, take the time to find unique designs at wrapping paper boutiques. Online sources like Etsy are all about original designs. It just takes a little more effort to make a real impression with a one-of-a-kind gift wrap.

2. Use stamps to create your own wrapping paper

If you consider yourself a crafty type, create your own wrapping paper with stamps. Choose a solid paper and then make a stamp to create floral patterns, leaves, champagne glasses, butterflies, birds, or whatever catches your fancy. Believe it or not, potatoes make an excellent medium for carving out stamps! You can also find premade stamps or use stamp forms from your local craft store.

3. Use wallpaper

Wallpaper samples make excellent wrapping paper that is quite decorative. Today’s wallpaper patterns are bold and colourful or subtle and elegant, making it easy to find a pattern that appeals to the bride.

4. Go with a natural look using craft paper

Plain brown paper, often called craft paper, provides the ultimate natural look for gifts. You can pair it with twine, hemp, or raffia, or use ribbons made from vintage fabric remnants. Dried flowers are all the rage these days and go beautifully with the natural tones of craft paper.

Fall weddings call for elegant twigs, winter is ideal for fresh cedar or pine, and fresh flowers are a must for summer and spring. You can also use this paper as your base for your handmade stamped wrapping paper or get creative painting swirls or other patterns.

5. Use fabric instead of paper

Hunt for vintage fabric to wrap your bridal shower gifts. Paired with solid ribbons, the patterns are nostalgic and the material is an eco-friendly choice that is ideal for green weddings. If you are handy with a needle and thread, consider creating a gift “sack” tied with a pretty ribbon at the top.

6. Use your words

Convey the message that the bride is dearly loved using plain paper and markers to create an interesting text design. Some ideas include:

  • Using words that speak to the bride’s qualities, such as strong, beautiful, funny, kind, caring, fearless, etc.
  • Write an actual letter to the bride sharing how much she means to you.
  • Use a quote about love.
  • Use a quote from a favourite movie, book, or poem.
  • Write out some jokes.
  • Use key dates from her life, such as her birthday, the groom’s birthday, the wedding day, the engagement day, the day they met, etc.

7. Use photo paper

Print images of the bride and groom (or you and the bride) on paper and use it to wrap the gift. This is highly customized and meaningful and likely to trigger an emotional response, including some good laughs, depending on the images you use.

8. Appeal to her interests

Instead of going for traditional bridal shower paper, look for wrapping paper that appeals to her interests. Whether it’s her love of animals, a character from her favourite movie, something that shows her love of a certain hobby, etc., this will prove how well you know her.

9. Choose a love-themed paper

Consider all the ways love is expressed, and find a paper that reflects this form of expression. It might be wrapping paper covered in Xs and Os, couple emojis, text acronyms like ILY, H&K, AML or SO, cupids, hearts, etc.

10. Put it in a gift box

Instead of fussing with wrapping paper, put your gift in a box wrapped with a pretty ribbon. Have fun with smaller gifts by placing them in a series of boxes. This way, the bride has to open smaller and smaller boxes to discover the gift.

11. Use a basket

If your gift is particularly pretty, or consists of more than one item, consider placing it in a lovely basket wrapped with clear cellophane and a dramatic bow. Baskets hint at what’s inside, and creates intrigue and interest. You can completely expose the gift, or include coloured tissue paper in the presentation to keep it more mysterious.

12. Match the wrap to the gift

Some gifts tie in with a theme that can provide inspiration for your gift. For example, if you are giving the bride dishes, you can wrap them in a pretty retro tablecloth. Or, if you’re giving her a selection of baking items, they might work wrapped in a pretty dishtowel. You can also include something in the wrapping, like wooden spoons tied with ribbon for bakeware or a small cocktail recipe book for bar tools.

13. Use elegant lace

What better material to wrap a bridal shower gift than lace? You can layer the lace with pretty tissue paper or a solid-coloured material to create contrast, or choose a more opaque lace on its own. Smaller gifts can be wrapped in lovely lace doilies or delicate handkerchiefs for a nostalgic feel.

14. Add a little sugar

Appeal to her sweet tooth by including her favourite indulgence, whether it is chocolate, candy, or cookies. For example, you might attach a solid chocolate letter with her or the groom’s initials, have a custom cookie designed in royal icing, or just use assorted candies wrapped in a clear cellophane bag and pretty ribbon for a pop of colour.

15. Include a keepsake

Provide an additional present in your gift wrapping, such as a framed picture of the couple, something blue for her bridal gown, or a seashell from a trip you went on together. Choose something small yet meaningful and that is easy to attach.

16. Use a wooden crate or box

Here is another rustic idea: wooden crates. They are eco-friendly and have a unique look you can dress up or down. You might hunt down an old jewellery box, use a crate designed for produce, or buy an antique wooden box with a lid.

Contact the Bridal Shower Experts

These standout ideas will make a wonderful impression while showing the bride how much you care.

If you’re planning a bridal shower, Château Le Jardin offers impressive bridal shower packages that Vaughan brides will love. To learn more, call us at 1-888-529-8573 or contact us here.

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