17 Creative Ideas for a Stunning Autumnal Wedding

17 creative ideas for a stunning autumnal wedding

The iconic “June bride” idea is a tad out of fashion as brides try to carve out their unique niche when planning their weddings.

Today’s couples are also interested in creating memorable moments while avoiding the out-of-reach price tag of the typical summer event. As a result, fall weddings are becoming far more popular.

Here, we share 17 creative ideas for a stunning autumnal wedding. Hence, you have the most beautiful wedding venue pictures in Vaughan. If you’re dreaming of a perfect bridal shower, consider our exquisite bridal shower venue. We offer a charming setting to celebrate this special occasion with style and elegance.

1. Embrace Warm Autumn Colours

You can create a unique wedding by embracing warm autumn colours. From out-of-the-box browns to rich golds and vibrant oranges to elegant reds, fall is an explosion of unexpected colours that create stunning wedding colour palettes.

Let go of traditions and add these warm and sophisticated colours throughout your wedding party ensembles, your bouquets and boutonnieres, table arrangements and linens, and anywhere else the opportunity arises.

2. Leverage the Harvest

Although spring and summer weddings have an element of hope for your budding new life together, the fall harvest is all about the richness and bounty of your love.

Leveraging the fall harvest to create a stunning display at your ceremony and reception allows you to bring in unexpected details like lovely pumpkins, “flint” decorative corn, sweet corn stalks, squash, gourds, hay bales and more.

Celebrating the harvest introduces the perfect decorative touches, adding texture, bursts of colour, unusual shapes and a sense of inviting hospitality.

3. Don’t Overlook Outdoor Opportunities

Although you might not picture taking your fall wedding photos outdoors, you can find opportunities for beautiful wedding imagery that captures you and your partner in a romantic, intriguing environment.

Look for photo opportunities on country roads, amid a field of tall, golden fall grass, sitting on a rustic fence, standing in front of a barn, or embracing beneath a canopy of brilliant fall leaves.

These are the perfect complement to your wedding venue pictures in Vaughan.

4. Branch Out with Fall’s Final Hurrah

The fall is not necessarily the end of floral arrangement options. You can literally “branch out” with stunning collections of tree and bush branches in their final throes of colour, including sumac, blueberry, burning bush, oak leaf hydrangea and more.

You can also include bare branches like brilliant burgundy dogwood, rustic dried flowers like massive hydrangea heads, gentle sagey greens like eucalyptus, stunning mums and asters, gold flame spirit, etc.

This season is nature’s final hurrah, bringing everything into a grand finale of warm colours or neutral palettes like golds and browns. Interspersed with your favourite flowers or classics like roses, you can create stunning arrangements, arches, canopies, and other natural design features on an intriguing scale.

5. Elevate Bride and Groom Wear

The season’s chill means the bride and groom can introduce layers of unexpected materials like rich brocades, velvets, or even leather and suede. Gowns become enriched with textured detail, while the groom’s tux or suit is highlighted with an elegant cashmere or Burberry scarf.

Shrugs worn over off-the-shoulder dresses in luxurious velvet are ideal for the sophisticated bride. At the same time, edgy leather jackets suit the less traditional bride.

6. Go for Cozy

Create a cozy affair:

  • Throw rustic flannel or luxe faux chinchilla blankets over dining chairs or seating at the ceremony
  • Rent deep, inviting leather chairs and love seats to create intimate lounge areas with lots of cozy toss cushions
  • Have a roaring outdoor firepit where guests can toast marshmallows or warm themselves while sipping their champagne
  • Find a venue with an inviting grand fireplace to welcome guests
  • Place large-scale lanterns or candelabras throughout the reception hall or church to maintain a warm and cozy glow

7. Have Fun with Halloween

If you want to create a more fun ambiance, take your decor cues from Halloween.

The flicker of hand-carved jack-o-lanterns for centrepieces, yummy Halloween candy goody bags, a spooky backdrop with fun costume items where guests can take selfies for their wedding venue pictures in Vaughan, and witchy concoctions for your custom wedding cocktail are all excellent ways to add a touch of All Hallow’s Eve to your celebration.

8. Go Upscale Rustic

Combine rustic elements like barn board with elegant neutral-toned roses, sheaves of wheat displayed in sophisticated terracotta planters, lovely birch trees in oak barrels, or flannel curtains draped over elegant columns flanked by crystal vases filled with burned orange echinacea.

9. Opt for Dried Flowers Over Fresh

Dried flowers are still quite trendy and, when done right, can create stunning floral displays and bouquets.

Whether you go completely dry, such as centrepieces with lovely dried hydrangeas, or combine fresh flowers with dried elements, autumn offers a bounty of stunning end-of-the-season features that are subtle and elegant.

10. Choose “Neutral” Pumpkins

While the traditional brilliant orange pumpkin is a lovely touch at fall weddings, choosing neutral-toned pumpkins is more sophisticated. Creamy whites, sagey greens, and variegated pumpkins blend beautifully with autumnal-inspired colour themes.

11. Think 70’s

If you’re all about retro vibes, the 70s offers autumn-inspired colour for fall weddings. Think of those rich avocado greens, warm browns, burnt oranges, and retro golds.

You’ll instantly create a fall palette to apply to everything from bridesmaids’ gowns and groomsmen’s ties to your table linens and floral arrangements.

12. Use Tone on Tone

Instead of using a single colour for your wedding party, consider a tone-on-tone look for dresses, ties and suits.

For example, you can start with a deep burgundy fading into softer shades and ending with dusty rose or a deep chocolate brown fading into a lovely camel or champagne. It also gives your wedding party more choices in what they wear.

13. Dine “Family Style”

Since the fall conjures up images of large family gatherings celebrating Thanksgiving, consider a less conventional seating arrangement with a long trellis table and family-style dinner. This dinner type allows guests to interact in a more meaningful way. It eliminates the elitist feeling of separate tables and rigid seating plans.

The bride and groom can be seated in the centre of the table, side by side at the head, or you can create a “T” shaped table with the entire wedding party at the head.

14. Layer Your Table Linens

Incorporate layers on your tables using your primary colour as the base, and then add something like creamy lace, rich brocades, or a damask on top.

15. Use Unconventional Tableware

Choose assorted tableware collected from local flea markets, used item stores or rented from an edgy event company. Unconventional silver might not be practical for larger weddings. Still, you can pull it off for smaller weddings.

This eclectic look allows you to embrace the warm colours of fall with an assortment of dinner plates that create unique table settings for each guest.

16. Don’t Forget the Cake

Take advantage of the season to design an unconventional wedding cake, such as using cocoa powder for a suede look combined with delicate flowers, placing the cake on a rustic antique wooden platter or chopping board, using a large pumpkin for the cake’s platform, etc.

17. Warm Things Up with Runners and Area Rugs

Lay a Persian-inspired rug down the aisle and place beautiful, warm area rugs on the bare floors of your venue to add interest, elegance and warmth underfoot. There are endless choices of rugs you can rent from staging companies, allowing you to include flooring in your wedding decor designs.

Your autumnal wedding can be filled with warmth, comfort and romance, or be more playful with inspiration from Halloween. You choose the perfect backdrop for your wedding venue pictures in Vaughan. To learn more about Chateau Le Jardin fall weddings, click here.

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