20 Spooky Ideas for Your Corporate Halloween Party

20 spooky ideas for your corporate halloween party

Halloween is just as enjoyable for adults as it is for kids. In fact, it offers the perfect opportunity to have a little fun at the office with a Halloween party that helps build morale.

Whether it’s a potluck held at the office, or booking a party complete with catering at one of the corporate party venues in Vaughan, here are 20 spooky ideas and tips for your next corporate Halloween party.

1. Create a Halloween-themed menu

Work with the catering team at one of the corporate party venues in Vaughan to create a meal set for a ghoul. Be sure the menu ties in with your theme, or choose items that simply look like scary tidbits.

Think actual finger-shaped finger sandwiches, “devilled eggs,” sausage rolls wrapped like mummies, or hor d’oeuvres topped with “spiders” made with black olives.

2. Include treats

Set up a Halloween candy bar at one of the corporate party venues in Vaughan, where guests can fill gift bags with treats to take home. This is a nostalgic bit of fun that also provides a snack bar later in the evening.

Include both classic Halloween-decorated desserts like cupcakes and cookies, alongside massive bowls overflowing with Halloween candies with scoopers to fill goody bags.

3. Play Halloween games

Activities like bobbing for apples, a zombie skeet shoot, or vampire-tracking video games can be fun even for adults. Be sure your games are politically correct and inclusive, and don’t present awkward situations such as someone having to sit on a person’s lap during a round of musical chairs!

A great Halloween party game is a mummy-wrapping race to see which team can wrap a teammate with toilet paper first.

4. Hold a costume contest

A costume contest goes without saying when it comes to corporate Halloween parties. You can create categories such as best ghoul, best historical character, scariest costume, etc., and then have an overall best costume as the grand prize.

5. Screen classic Halloween movies

Present scary movies projected on the wall, whether it is campy classics like The Bride of Frankenstien or Chucky, something moody like The Grudge, or something funny like Hocus Pocus. Avoid all-out slasher films or movies with sexual content that some guests might find offensive.

6. Have a pumpkin carving contest

Pumpkin carving contests are tons of fun and can be perfect when pitting departments against each other. A panel of judges with a representative from each department, or consisting of department heads, can then do a blind judging to keep things fair and interesting.

7. Hold a zombie dance contest

Have departments sign up for a zombie dance contest where they can choreograph their own zombie dance to their favourite Halloween song. Another idea is to have a “Thriller” line dance to help get people on the dance floor. 

8. Create a Halloween-themed selfie wall

Create a fun wall with Halloween decorations where guests can take selfies to post on the company website or on their own social media. Be sure people provide permission for sharing pictures. 

9. Create a “haunted” walk-through

Set aside space at the party to create a haunted walk-through where guests enjoy jump scares and encounter spooky characters.

10. Hire some Halloween characters

Hire a few classic Halloween characters to mingle with guests and delight people with fun interactions and plenty of jump scares.

11.Hold a faux seance

Hold a faux seance with staged spooky “atmospherics,” like video-projected spectres, scary sounds, and blasts of cold air to add to the ghostly atmosphere. Choose a special area of the room, so those not interested don’t have to participate.

12. Take advantage of sound effects

Consider playing scary Halloween sound effects as people enter the party, such as creaking floors, spooky whispers, witchy cackling, eerie winds, screams, and slamming doors to help create the right ambience. 

13. Play a Halloween-inspired soundtrack

Create a playlist of classic Halloween songs like “Monster Mash” and music from famous Halloween movies like The Exorcist, Halloween, Ghostbusters, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Friday the 13th. 

14. Concoct a Halloween cocktail

Work with one of the corporate party venues in Vaughan to concoct a witchy brew to welcome guests as they arrive. Be sure to offer a mocktail for guests who are driving or don’t wish to imbibe.

15. Offer free Halloween makeovers

Provide a free makeover where people can elevate their costumes with the help of some professional makeup artists. This is something many will really enjoy, and can help create a lot of buzz and excitement.

16. Create a retro Halloween party

Focus on a specific era to inspire your party, such as the Roaring 20s, Disco 70s, Love Child 60s or War Hero 40s, to create a Halloween party that takes guests back in time.

17. Set a budget

Set a budget so you know how far you can take things when planning your Halloween event. 

18. Find one of the best corporate party venues in Vaughan

If your budget includes corporate party venues in Vaughan, start your search early, as they tend to book up fast. Consider a location close to the office to make it convenient for everyone to attend.

Do an estimated guest count to make sure the venue can accommodate your team. A venue that can provide catering, a bar, and servers allows you to create a menu based on your budget and to plan everything with one contact.

19. Choose a theme

Once you have your venue chosen, you can come up with a theme. For example, a Halloween party at Château Le Jardin might lend itself to themes such as the French Revolution/Marie Antoinette, haunted mansion, vampires, or famous historical figures, while a venue such as a barn might be perfect for a monster mash.

20. Consider decorations

Once a theme is chosen, you can focus on decorations. Classic Halloween decor is a must, including pumpkins, spider webs, and ghostly figures.

You can also get more specific based on your theme. For example: hanging ghostly sails from a mast and having treasure troves for centrepieces for a pirate theme; getting film reels, a silver screen, and theatre seats for a silver screen theme; or providing makeshift coffin cutouts, candelabras, and other gothic touches for a vampire theme.

Contact the Corporate Event Specialists

You’re never too old for Halloween. A corporate Halloween party allows your team to let their hair down (or pin it up, depending on their costumes) and enjoy a “spooktacular” evening at one of the best corporate party venues in Vaughan.

For more information, speak to the corporate events team at Château Le Jardin to get your Halloween party started! To book a consultation, contact us here.

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