Baby Shower Gift Guide: 15 Perfect Presents for New Parents

Baby shower gift guide: 15 perfect presents for new parents

Welcoming a new baby is a beautiful occasion requiring much preparation and investment. Baby showers are a tradition that helps expecting couples put together all the little essentials to make it easier to transition into parenthood. 

If you've been invited to a baby shower and have yet to decide what gift to bring, here we look at 15 perfect presents for new parents.

1. Subscription Gifts

What better gift for a new arrival than one that grows with them? All kinds of subscription gifts are available, including play kits, clothes, diapers, and more. These gifts make it easy for parents to transition as their baby grows over their first year, saving them time and money. 

A new age-appropriate gift arrives each month, so it is also the gift that keeps on giving! 

2. Swaddle Blankets

New parents go through swaddle blankets almost as quickly as they do diapers. They are an excellent gift because parents never have enough of them. When you give them in a set, they are a substantial gift sure to get plenty of use.

3. High-Quality Booties

Adorable, high-quality booties are another gift ideal for newborns, as they tend to lose their socks. Booties are more secure, keeping the baby's feet warm. 

4. Baby Healthcare Kits

A baby healthcare kit is the way to go if you lean more toward practical gifts. Often, new parents don't know they need something until their little one gets sick. That first cold is much easier with the proper tools to keep the baby comfortable. 

Things like a baby thermometer, nose irrigation tool, nail clippers, etc. often come in nicely packaged kits that are easy to store, so everything is handy when the baby needs it.

5. Baby "White Noise" Tools

Today's savvy parents enlist the power of white noise technology to help babies sleep. Various tools and apps come in cute designs like sleepy stuffed toys or are compatible with phones or voice-activated systems. 

Soothing sounds like a heartbeat, the ocean, rainfall, etc., all create gentle background noise that eases babies into sleep and, most importantly, keeps them sleeping until feeding time.

6. Go-To Baby Rattles

The classic rattle is a toy babies enjoy when they have the coordination to hold one. 

They come in many designs and could become the baby's favourite mate to keep them entertained when awake. Gift this item with a freezable teething ring as the ideal gift companion. 

7. Baby Albums

Baby albums designed to track baby's milestones are always a welcome gift that parents can use to create a history of precious moments. 

The album can be shared with their baby once they are old enough to understand, and it also helps preserve those important dates like first words, first steps, etc. 

8. Bibs

Another baby mainstay, bibs, are an excellent option either bundled in a set or as part of a catchall gift basket. 

Choose fun, little bibs with amusing images and mottos to entertain parents because babies won't be overly concerned or interested in what bibs they wear. Just make sure the bib is soft, adjustable and comfortable.

9. Humorous Baby Care Guides

Hunt for unusual baby care guides that offer solid advice but put a twist of humour into things to keep parents laughing. That in-the-know sense of humour that all new parents "get" can make it easier to follow along with parenthood's less appealing moments so parents can maintain a more light-hearted attitude. 

More importantly, parents have a "manual" to understand what to expect and troubleshoot common issues.

10. Engraved Sterling Silver Baby Cups or Spoons

For a higher-end gift, consider having a sterling silver baby mug or spoon etched with the baby's name and birthdate. 

These provide a keepsake parents can display and pass on to their children once they become adults. If you don't know the name, have the date inscribed, and you can add the name later. 

11. Classic Baby Book Sets

Look for lovely book sets like Peter Rabbit and Winne-the-Pooh, or put together a collection your baby loves/you loved as a child. 

These are meaningful gifts that both the baby and their parents cherish. You can also find subscriptions for children's book of the month clubs. 

12. Funny Baby T's

Babies go through little undershirts quickly with all that spit up and drool. Have customized baby t-shirts made up, or find fun shirts online. These little t-shirts are also soft and comfy for babies to sleep in. 

13. A Fashionable "Diaper" Bag

Depending on the parent's tastes, finding a fashionable diaper bag is a helpful gift. 

Finding something they'll feel proud to tout, such as a satchel-style bag, a backpack, or something unexpected but still highly practical, provides an innovative little accessory that keeps worn-out parents looking their best.

14. Free Babysitting Vouchers

Print up some "free babysitting" vouchers if you need an affordable gift idea. New parents are constantly sleep-deprived. 

Simply offering to come in and keep an eye on the baby while new parents get some well-deserved shut-eye is a priceless gift you can be sure they'll appreciate!

15. Baby Carrier

Handy baby carriers keep babies snug and close to mom or dad. Whether they're heading out for a walk, the baby is fussy, parents want more bonding time or need a hands-free option when performing tasks like doing the laundry or making dinner, this is an excellent gift that allows parents to carry on as usual with their new family member in tow. 

Bonus Tip: Help Plan the Shower

Offering to plan and host the shower is another great gift. You can set up the guest list, find baby shower venue packages in Vaughan, plan the menu, and attend to the little details that help create the perfect baby shower. 

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