Your Guide to Planning the Perfect Baby Shower

Your guide to planning the perfect baby shower

Are you planning a baby shower and wondering where to start? Pregnancy is a special journey filled with excitement and love, and when the storks are flying over the rooftops, the countdown to prepare for the bundle of joy begins. 

As exciting as it is for expecting parents waiting to welcome their future child into a loving home, it may also be a little nerve-wracking too. Babies are adorable little bundles of joy, but they also require a lot of effort; for someone so small, they also require a ton of stuff–that is where baby showers come in. 

A baby shower is a perfect opportunity for an expecting parent’s loved ones to come together and shower them in support, love, and of course, baby essentials. Anyone in the expectant mom’s life can host her baby shower, including friends, relatives, and even spouses.

We have created this simple guide to make the planning process for the occasion a stress-free and memorable journey. In this article, we’ll learn what it takes to pull off the perfect party for the mom-to-be and her new bundle of joy.

Step 1: Determine the Guest List and Budget

Consult with the guest of honour to choose a date and time for her party. Most baby showers are held when the expecting mom is about seven months pregnant⁠. By then, she’s well into her pregnancy, but will still be comfortable.

Once the mother-to-be has given you the complete guest list (be sure she also provides you with emails or addresses), come up with your budget. When searching for the ideal party space, keep in mind how much you can spend on venue rentals, catering, decorations, etc.

Step 2: Choose a Venue

Once you have a headcount, selecting a baby shower venue to accommodate that number is your next step. If the soon-to-be mom wants a lavish party, consider booking a spacious banquet hall or a large terrace. When you have a generous budget, a baby shower venue would be a great option for both pre- and post-delivery showers.

It is also essential to choose a baby shower venue with an event coordinator and vendor connections to complete the event. When planning a baby shower, finding a venue that is all-inclusive in the planning is important.

Each Château le Jardin ballroom offers a unique ambiance in a picturesque setting, elegant décor, an in-house design team, and vendor connections to simplify planning a baby shower. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the set-up or clean-up as the staff will manage this, so the host can sit back and enjoy the event.

Step 3: Choose a Theme

Once the date, time, and place are selected, choose a memorable theme. From scenic garden themes to perfect picnics with pretty tablecloths, there are different options to choose from.

A wise idea would be to pair the theme with the shower invitations, as it lets guests know what to expect before the big day comes.

In some cases, the invites will let the guests know the appropriate attire, the ideal time to arrive, and what type of gifts the mother-to-be would prefer. There is a theme available for everyone, whether you’re looking for something casual, festive, or nostalgic.

Step 4: Invitations, Décor, and Favours

Send coordinating invitations to your guest list about six weeks before the event and after selecting your theme. In addition to thanking the guests for attending your baby shower, it’s also a nice idea to give them something to take home. 

Remember, even simple gifts or favours will be appreciated by guests. We recommend personalized scented candles, mini-soaps, flower terrariums, succulents, or anything that corresponds with the theme.

Step 5: Create Your Menu

Finalize the menu with our experts to mesh with the guest of honour’s tastes. If she’s craving comfort food, try mini-sliders, mini-fried chicken, small bowls of potato salad, and mini-cupcakes. Many baby showers offer lunch; however, brunch, appetizers, or dinner are also acceptable. 

Determine your drink menu ahead of time. Your guests might enjoy a mix of cocktails and “mom-tails” at your event. If you don’t know where to start, our experts at Château le Jardin will be more than happy to help you choose a menu that caters to every guest’s taste.

Step 6: Create an Agenda

Most showers include games, gift openings, eating, and drinking. It is important to organize these activities in a way that keeps guests entertained and engaged. Determine the best fit for your event and make a plan for the day. Be sure that you have a flexible agenda in place before the event to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

With these tips in mind, we know you will host a fantastic baby shower. Once all the planning is complete, relax and enjoy your hard work! The expecting parents will be thrilled with your event for welcoming the new addition to their family. 

Château le Jardin incorporates masterful design, elegant décor, and unparalleled service for an unforgettable celebratory experience. Make precious and unforgettable memories that you will cherish in one of our flexible banquet halls in Woodbridge.  

Contact us today for a one-of-a-kind experience that will delight your guests and exceed expectations. You can book a consultation or call us at 1-888-529-8573.

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