How to Choose an Event Theme That Impresses Your Guests

How to choose an event theme that impresses your guests

Choosing an event theme helps set the stage for your guests’ experience. It also provides a jumping-off point that makes creating a more cohesive event easier where everything comes together beautifully. 

In this article, we will offer tips to help you pick an event theme that will impress your guests and guide your decisions on everything, from your Vaughan banquet hall to the decor and the menu to entertainment. 

Consider the Purpose of the Event

The purpose of the event is the first consideration. Is it celebrating a guest? Is it for a special occasion? Is the gathering for a baby or wedding shower? Your theme needs to align with the purpose, or else it won’t make sense. 

For example, you wouldn’t do a circus theme for an anniversary, but it might be fun for a child’s birthday. A stag party, on the other hand, might use a film like Top Gun as a theme.

Think About Your Guests

Your event theme has to make sense to your guests. For example, if the majority of people are gathering for a family event such as a 50th wedding anniversary, then having trendy, youth-oriented themes wouldn’t make much sense.

However, such themes would be appropriate for a 25th or Dirty 30 birthday party where those being honoured are younger and more “hip.”

Get Inspired

Keeping your guests and purpose in mind, get inspired by doing some research to find theme ideas. Some great places to start include Pinterest and popular Vaughan banquet hall websites.

You can also check out funny popular memes or even consider asking the people closest to the celebrants for ideas. Movies can often work well. For example, you can use our Top Gun idea for a stag or Dirty 30 party, whereas a higher-end celebration, such as a silver anniversary or an engagement party, might use a movie like The Great Gatsby as inspiration. 

Set a Budget 

Setting a budget may not have much to do with your theme, but it certainly dictates how much you have to spend on the occasion. As a result, it tells you how far you can go with your plans. 

For example, a small budget might restrict your theme to something like the celebrant’s favourite colours. However, a large budget allows you to consider something far more exciting, like a Mardi Gras theme complete with a Zydeco band, Cajun menu, and fancy cocktails, as well as masks and beads handed out to guests as they arrive.

Consider the Season

The time of year is essential, as it can provide inspiration while also helping eliminate some of the Vaughan banquet halls you’re considering. For example, you wouldn’t have an outdoor beach party in the middle of winter, but it might be fun to have a tropically inspired theme indoors to bring some sunshine into your guests’ lives. 

If you stick to the season, you might do an upscale Après Ski event with wine and fondue in the winter for a bachelorette party. In the summer, a garden theme is a nice outdoor event for something like a wedding or baby shower. 

The holidays are another consideration you might use as inspiration, such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Hanuka, and St. Patrick’s Day. For instance, our Mardi Gras theme is a perfect choice if the event takes place near Pancake Tuesday.

Focus on Design

How easy it is to create your theme’s design is another essential consideration. You want to choose a doable theme that is not too hard to capture with the right decor, music, food, etc., or your guests may be confused. Your design should instantly communicate your theme the moment guests arrive and also make sense when someone reads the theme on their invitation.

For example, choosing something too vague such as “Nostalgia,” would be confusing, as nostalgia really depends on someone’s age. However, choosing a specific era, such as the Roaring 20s, Groovy 60s, or Disco 70s, creates a very clear picture in most people’s minds.

Speak to Different Vaughan Banquet Halls

Your budget and venue will impact your ability to create your theme. Sometimes, it helps to speak to a few preferred Vaughan banquet halls and take a tour to find inspiration. How does the hall’s design help you create your theme? What does the team at the hall offer to help you bring your vision to life?

For example, there might be features in the hall that help you create the ambiance you desire. Or, the venue might have a chef offering a customized menu with suggestions that suit your theme best. 

Theme-Inspired Activities

If your event calls for activities, your theme can help inspire some ideas. For instance, if you’re holding a 1920s or 1970s party, you might provide dancing lessons for each table and then hold a dance contest with prizes for the winners. 

For a golf theme, you might include golfing and related activities with prizes for the top performers.

Consider Entertainment

Your theme should tie in with some form of entertainment. Even with a limited budget, you can choose specific playlists with your DJ, whether it is jazz for a Mardi Gras theme, disco for a 1970s theme, or calypso for a tropical theme. 

A larger budget means you can go one step further by hiring a band, dancers, or immersive experiences such as using 3D technology to visit different worlds.  

Create a Themed Menu

Your theme is made all the more cohesive when you can tie it in with your menu. A Mardi Gras theme might greet guests with a Sazerac Cocktail with “po’boy” sandwich sliders and include a buffet complete with delicious gumbos, dirty rice, Jambalaya, and beignets for dessert. 

Meanwhile, a more elegant theme, such as The Great Gatsby would include a champagne toast with canapes and a sit-down four-course meal with Waldorf Salad, shrimp cocktail, an elegant roast, and French Madeleines served with sorbet for dessert.

Contact the Event Experts

Choosing a theme should create a cohesive event where every detail contributes to your guests’ experience. For assistance in creating the ideal theme, working with a Vaughan banquet hall like Château Le Jardin can help. For more information, call us at 1-888-529-8573 or book a consultation here.

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