How to Plan a Successful Winter Baby Shower: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to plan a successful winter baby shower: A step-by-step guide

The traditional summer garden shower isn’t an option if you're planning a winter baby shower! Here, we share our step-by-step guide to help you make your winter baby shower a success. 

Step 1: Come up with a theme

A theme helps tie everything together and inspire all your ideas. Some exciting themes might include:

  • Song-based themes such as Baby Boy by Beyonce, Baby It’s Cold Outside, Winter Wonderland, Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice, etc.
  • Winter holiday themes based on the timing, such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, or Hanukkah
  • Winter weather-related themes include snuggly and cozy, snow and ice, etc.
  • Winter activities such as hockey, skating, tobogganing, skiing, etc. 
  • Winter movie themes like Frozen, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, Beauty and the Beast, etc.  

Once you choose a theme, the decorations become easier.

Step 2: Set a budget 

You can’t move forward with any other plans without setting a budget. Your budget should consider the type of party you have in mind, the number of guests you’d like to invite, food, activities and decor.  

Step 3: Make your guest list

Some families feel it is necessary to invite family, friends, business associates and more, while others prefer smaller gatherings focused on people closest to the parents. Your guest list will also help when choosing your baby shower venue packages in Vaughan. 

Remember that your budget also drives your guest list, so don’t go overboard if your budget is tight. 

Step 4: Choose the date

The date should be around seven months when mom feels comfortable. Booking something too close to the expected delivery date can also make it risky should the baby decide to make an early appearance.  

Step 5: Choose your baby shower venue packages in Vaughan

Your venue should offer customizable baby shower venue packages in Vaughan designed to reduce costs and stress. Some things to look for in baby shower venue packages in Vaughan include:

  • The availability for your date
  • Onsite catering with customizable packages
  • Banquet hall sizes suitable to your guest capacity
  • Easy to reach location
  • Onsite parking
  • Assistance with decorations
  • Event coordinators
  • Gift table set up
  • Flexible table arrangements
  • Assistance carrying gifts out to the car
  • Set up
  • A/V equipment
  • Free WiFi

Step 6: Ask for a complete quote of all costs

Once you narrow your list of baby shower venue packages in Vaughan, ask for a complete quote for all the costs. Avoiding surprises while ensuring you can stick to your budget is essential. 

Step 7: Book your shower venue packages in Vaughan

You can book your shower once you confirm everything with your preferred venue. Be sure you understand their cancellation policy, how much money is required upfront, and whether your deposit is refundable. Also, ask for a schedule so you know when the venue needs you to confirm the guest count, approve the menu, etc. 

Step 8: Send out your invitations

Once you book your venue, you can send out your invitations. Ideally, this is about six weeks out to give people enough time to avoid conflicts so you get as many guests as possible. Be sure to make invites RSVP so you can confirm the number of guests with your venue. Also, ask for any food allergies or restrictions so you can plan to accommodate special dietary requirements. 

Step 9: Start planning your decorations

Your theme will be your inspiration for your decorations. Some classic winter-themed decorations might include:

  • Twinkle lights
  • Evergreens and wreaths
  • Winter activity equipment such as vintage sleighs, skates and skis
  • Cosy blankets and faux furs
  • Cotton batten sheets for snow
  • Ice sculptures
  • Wintery floral arrangements with white or blue colour palettes
  • Holiday inspired decorations
  • Snowflakes
  • Clear balloons filled with snowflakes
  • Bowls of fake snow with twinkle lights
  • Balloons 

When incorporating the baby’s gender into the mix, opt for soft pastels in pink and blue, or if the gender has not been revealed, look to colours like minty greens, buttery yellows, or snowy white. Another idea is to include baby pictures of the parents in wintery silver frames or incorporate them into something less expected, like affixing them to a vintage sleigh or decorating evergreen garland and trees. 

Step 10: Plan your menu

Winter baby showers call for cozy comfort foods that help warm your guests’ hearts. Speak to the caterer in your winter baby shower venue packages in Vaughan to discuss heartwarming ideas that are popular for these events. Most baby showers have culturally significant menu items relevant to both sides of the family. You can also consider adding some fun winter touches, such as:

  • A hot chocolate bar
  • Greeting guests with hot toddies, mulled wine or hot apple cider
  • Cheese fondue at tables as appetizers, or chocolate fondue for dessert

Step 11: Follow up with guests

Follow up with any guests who have yet to RSVP so you can get your numbers to your venue. 

Step 12: Plan your agenda

Most baby showers have a few activities to keep guests entertained. Your agenda should include:

  • Guest arrival and drinks
  • Family photos
  • A few well-planned activities include guessing the number of candies in a baby bottle, decorating baby onesies, feeding the baby games, diapering races, and trivia. 
  • The meal
  • Opening gifts
  • Cake

Some other fun ideas might be asking people to fill out parent advice cards, sharing funny baby-related stories, baby song karaoke, etc. 

Step 13: Put together baby shower favours

Some nice ideas might include cookies with the baby’s name, little picture frames, homemade sweet bags, a DIY sweet table, etc. 

Step 14: Confirm everything with the venue

A week out, confirm everything with the venue to make sure all is going according to plan. Review special food requests to ensure those are included, and establish what the venue is providing and what you are required to provide. Go through your agenda to make sure your plans are acceptable, and ask any questions you might have about the day.

Step 15: Enjoy

Try to relax and enjoy the day. Choosing the right baby shower venue packages in Vaughan will ensure everything goes smoothly. 

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