How to Throw a Magical Winter Wedding: 12 Do’s and Don’ts to Follow

How to throw a magical winter wedding: 12 do’s and don’ts to follow

Choosing a winter wedding venue in Vaughan has gained popularity as couples look for ways to plan more affordable weddings. However, the winter wedding has always inspired a sense of romance despite some obvious challenges.

If you have your heart set on a winter wedding, here we share 12 do’s and don’ts to help you throw a flawless, magical winter wedding.

1. Do keep the holidays in mind

A common mistake many couples make is thinking guests will voluntarily give up their holiday plans to attend their wedding. While your head is dancing with visions of a romantic winter wedding, your guests are focused on visions of sugar plums or relaxing in a warmer climate.

This can leave your attendance a little sparse. If you are planning a holiday-themed wedding, give yourself plenty of time for your save-the-dates to increase the odds that more people will attend.

2. Don’t count on taking photos outdoors

Winter weather can be downright unpleasant, making it impossible to take your photos outdoors. Be sure you consider possible indoor locations for your wedding photos and ask your photographer for suggestions, such as the following:

  • Your place of worship often offers a lovely backdrop if it allows photos.
  • Consider historic buildings such as libraries, universities, and museums.
  • Art galleries also offer interesting possibilities.
  • Lobbies in some modern office towers provide unique angles, materials, and architectural details.

3. Have a winter weather backup plan

A major winter storm can completely ruin your wedding day. Remember Phoebe’s New York wedding on Friends? Even if all your guests are local, getting to the venue can be problematic, and more importantly, it can be harder for your vendors to deliver on time or at all.

A winter weather backup plan is a must, including what you’ll do if flights for important guests are delayed, caterers and entertainers can’t get to the venue, the officiant is delayed or cancelled, etc.

One way to make life less hectic is to choose a winter wedding venue in Vaughan that offers multiple transportation options and a lot of services under one roof, such as catering and decoration set-up.

4. Don’t plan to save tons of money just because it’s winter

Although you can often get a better deal on winter wedding venues in Vaughan in the “off” season, a growing demand for winter weddings might still put a dent in your budget.

Also, while you might save on the venue, other things like accessories for the wedding party, blankets for guests, outdoor heaters, and less seasonal produce/flowers available can all add to the costs.

5. Do provide additional warmth

Winter weddings are not always confined indoors. Make arrangements to have outdoor heaters burning bright, and consider other ways to provide warmth. For example, imagine people gathered around lovely firepits wrapped in blankets sipping mulled wine when they arrive at your winter wedding venue in Vaughan.

Or, if your place of worship is not well heated, ask what options are available to help keep guests warm. For instance, you might consider handing out cozy flannel blankets as the guests arrive at the ceremony.

6. Don’t go over the top on holiday themes

Winter weddings are often holiday-themed, but they don’t have to be over the top. You want to keep holiday decor to subtle touches, focusing on more elegant decorative items such as candlelight, evergreen swags, and plush, rich table linens.

Anything beyond this will feel cheap and tacky. However, if you’re going for kitschy, things like retro mechanical Santas and blinking coloured lights are not only fine, but encouraged!

7. Do take advantage of the season

Whether you’ve planned an actual holiday wedding, are holiday adjacent, or just want to embrace the winter season itself, taking advantage of the snow and chill provides ample inspiration for your wedding theme, menu, and decor, such as:

  • Beautiful cedar and pine used in your bouquets, floral arrangements, and centrepieces.
  • Snowy whites, warm creams, elegant silvers, and icy crystals for winter themes.
  • Seasonal menus with roasted meats, caramelized root vegetables, and rich sauces.
  • Flickering candlelight to add warmth.

The winter offers endless possibilities to create magical moments.

8. Don’t forget it gets dark quickly

One of the reasons summer weddings work so well is that they provide ample daylight. In the winter, however, it gets dark early, which means you need to take this into consideration for not only your guests, but also plans for your outdoor photos.

9. Do add faux furs, rich velvets, and ornate brocades

You don’t have to sacrifice that off-the-shoulder bridal gown or low-backed bridesmaid dresses just because it’s cold outside. Instead, you can add stunning accessories made of faux fur, rich velvets, and ornate brocades.

Think shrugs, capes, and bolero jackets for the bridal party, and velvet or ornate brocade tuxedos, cumberbands, and bow ties for the groomsmen. Other elegant winter touches might include precious Victorian booties for the bride or faux fur ushankas for the entire party.

10. Don’t sacrifice wedding party comfort for style

It’s unreasonable and unfair to expect your bridal party to dress in off-the-shoulder or sleeveless dresses when the wind is howling and it’s -36 ℃ with the wind chill. When choosing wedding party fashions, be sure you consider their comfort and, as mentioned above, include accessories that suit a winter wedding.

11. Do arrange a coat and boot check

Make sure your venue offers an organized coat and boot check to collect winter outerwear as guests arrive. You can count on guests to want somewhere to store their boots and change into stylish footwear to dance the night away. Be sure to add a friendly note on your invitations so guests know they will have the option to bring alternative footwear and a secure area to hang their coats.

12. Do offer warm drinks

Although you’ll likely still want to have sparkling wine or champagne available for a toast, winter weddings are all about cozy romance. Have your winter wedding venue in Vaughan create a custom hot beverage cocktail to warm the cockles of your guests’ hearts, and be sure there’s plenty of brandy, hot chocolate, coffee, and tea on the ready.

Call the Winter Wedding Experts

Winter weddings are elegant, romantic, and unique, allowing you to create a magical affair. Following these do’s and don’ts will help ensure you are prepared for the unexpected so your wedding day is perfect. As you plan, consider our enchanting bridal shower venue, designed to make every celebration as special as your winter wedding day.

If you would like to learn more about Château Le Jardin’s winter wedding venue in Vaughan, call us at 1-888-529-8573 or contact us here.

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