Summer 2024 Wedding Trends: 10 Ideas to Consider for Your Special Day

Summer 2024 wedding trends: 10 ideas to consider for your special day

If you’re planning a summer 2024 wedding, you’ll want to be up on the latest trends. Finding inspiration in unexpected places is a great way to discover options that help reduce your wedding cost in Toronto. In this article, we will share 10 ideas to consider for your special day.

1. Emerging photography trends

Photography for 2024 promises to be a lot more edgy, and we’re not just talking about technology. Sure, there’s definitely some techy stuff making its way into the wedding photo industry, including drone shots that capture the excitement from overhead.

However, what really reflects 2024 photo trends is taking a less conventional approach with a focus on candid shots that are more in the moment. Those boring poses with the wedding party all lined up in a neat little row are not going to cut it for the wedding albums of 2024.

Instead, you want your photos to capture candid shots that tell the story of your wedding day. A great way to ensure your album has it all is to have guests snap and share pictures so you can find a variety of more authentic and meaningful wedding photos. This is also a great way to offset your wedding venue cost in Toronto.

2. Forget the gown, wear the mini

No longer just the choice of the edgy bride, the mini wedding dress is all the rage for summer 2024. Finding something fun and flirty helps distinguish you from other brides while providing a far more bearable gown to keep you cool and poised in the summer heat.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be an out-and-out mini. Feel free to experiment with different lengths to suit the theme of your wedding and your taste, whether it’s vintage or fashion-forward.

3. Art for an unconventional form of entertainment

The wedding singer and DJ are things of the past. Although you want to have music, entertainment doesn’t stop at the dance floor in 2024! Art is making its way into wedding venues across North America, from sketch artists to live painters.

These artists create real-time art pieces, capturing special moments throughout the day on sketch pads or canvas. Whether you want keepsakes for guests with sketches of them enjoying the day, or something commemorating the occasion with a major painting on canvas you can hang in your home, a live artist is the way to go.

4. Art as a focal point for your reception decor

Sketches and paintings on canvas aren’t the only art forms making their way into weddings. Ice sculptures are making a big comeback, from interesting, customized sculpted serving pieces for shrimp cocktail, to major sculptures as a focal point at the appetizer buffet.

You’ll also see a lot of abstract sculptures at cocktail bars and interesting frosted platters with sliced lemons and seaweed suspended in ice to create the ultimate raw oyster serving trays!

5. Casting off old wives’ tales and outdated traditions

A surprising trend that couples in 2024 are embracing is casting off old wives’ tales and outdated traditions, especially the suspicions associated with seeing the bride before she walks down the aisle.

While some might still err on the side of caution and stick to this tradition, many couples are doing all kinds of unheard of things on their wedding days. These include spending the night before the wedding together so they can get ready at home, having an intimate breakfast on the sly, arriving at the ceremony in the same limo, and walking down the aisle side by side. Gasp!

6. Late night surprise snacks

Perhaps in honour of the early days of your relationship when late-night snacks included an Uber delivery of McDonald’s chicken nuggets and fries or raiding the fridge after binge-watching hours of Game of Thrones, the late-night surprise snack is a major statement at today’s weddings.

From food trucks arriving at midnight serving up everything from hand-cut fries to barbecue and tacos to ice cream sundaes and unexpected banquet tables laden with sweet treats or charcuterie, the element of surprise snacks keeps the party going strong.

7. C’est chic cocktails

The customized cocktail is by no means new. However, how cocktails are appearing at weddings is. For example, why not have an off-menu cocktail introduced when a few in-the-know guests mingle carrying crazy big, fancy drinks to get some chatter started?

A few more ideas might include over-the-top, eye-catching sculptured cocktail garnishes or a fully customized cocktail menu with drinks named after key moments in your relationship. The chic cocktail is all about showy displays and unexpected ingredients that impress guests.

8. Carrying wedding themes into rehearsal dinners

Subtle nuances of your wedding theme can be brought into your rehearsal dinner to tease the idea of what guests can expect on the big day.

From dressing in your wedding colour palette to wearing vintage clothing that marks the era you’ve chosen, and from celebrating the place you met to going all out and choosing a specific theme just for the rehearsal dinner, this tradition is being knocked on its side with creative decorations, clothes, and props.

9. Wedding theme flourishes on your cake

Wedding cakes are the centre of your meal and should include certain flourishes that embrace your wedding theme.

Unique attention to detail helps bring more meaning to cake design. It includes a long list of possibilities, such as matching your floral arrangements or bouquet, details reflecting the bride’s something borrowed or blue, family-related flourishes such as the lace your grandmother wore on her wedding day, or nods to your heritage and culture.

10. Capturing guest sentiment with audio guest books

Cast aside the traditional signing of the guest book and record audio messages instead.

Encourage guests to say their name and then record a meaningful, witty, or funny voice message that they’ll cherish forever. Retro dial phone rentals are replacing the photo booth, allowing guests to use the phone to record their message.

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Weddings are all about who you are as a couple and tend to have modern touches along with special traditions that speak to your history and beliefs. These 2024 trends offer inspiration to set new traditions that resonate with both of you and help reduce your wedding cost in Toronto.

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