Baby Shower Etiquette: Everything You Need to Know

Baby shower etiquette: Everything you need to know

Baby showers are a time-honoured tradition celebrating the imminent arrival of a new baby. However, as times change, we might lose touch with the proper etiquette when throwing a baby shower.

In this article, our experts in baby shower venues in Vaughan will share everything you need to know about baby showers to ensure you don’t inadvertently make any shower faux pas!

Consider Your Relationship to the Mom-to-Be

Who you are helps dictate the type of baby shower you should throw. For example, a family member or BFF is more likely to throw a no-holds-barred gathering, renting a baby shower venue in Vaughan, having an elegant lunch, and inviting a longer list of people to attend from both sides of the family.

On the other hand, a “work friend” would be better off keeping things simple, such as booking the office lunchroom or a nearby favourite restaurant and sticking to a guest list with co-workers only.

Be Sensitive to the Shower Date

When someone you love is having a baby, it’s easy to let your enthusiasm get the better of you and be the “first” to get that shower date firmed up. However, etiquette dictates that baby showers should not be thrown any earlier than the 28th week to ensure all is well with the pregnancy.

Also, to time it perfectly, it should be booked before the 35th week, as anything beyond that is cutting it way too short. You don’t want to end up rushing mom to the hospital before the gifts are opened!

Keep It Short and Sweet

While today’s moms are far more diligent about not letting pregnancy interfere with their lifestyles or who they are, there are still some things that moms-to-be need to adjust to—namely, taking it easy as the due date becomes closer.

You don’t want to tire the guest of honour out, as she might be having a pregnancy where her idea of fun is sitting with her feet up, binge-watching Working Moms with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s.

So, keeping it short and sweet (under three hours) ensures there’s time to eat and open the presents without the need for exhaustive activities and chatting that goes on for hours.

Choose the Right Baby Shower Venue in Vaughan

While a private home is a traditional venue for baby showers, the number of guests greatly impacts where you entertain guests. Larger showers where both sides of the family are invited, along with close friends, can include upwards of 50 guests packed into one small living room.

Remember, the main attraction is showering the mom-to-be with gifts. Therefore, you need a room big enough for everyone to sit around a table stacked high with adorably wrapped boxes and see all those tiny, sweet items revealed one at a time.

This might call for a larger baby shower venue in Vaughan. Some considerations when choosing a formal venue include the following:

  • Location close to where most guests live
  • Easy transportation such as close to highways or public transit
  • Parking
  • Services (especially catering)
  • Enough space to accommodate all the guests, dining tables, possibly a buffet, gift table, etc.
  • Private entry to keep the event separate from other events like weddings
  • Impeccable service for a seamless execution

Choose the Right Retailer for Registry

Baby showers, like weddings, tend to see repeat gifts that can be awkward for the guest of honour. You don’t want to force her to make a choice between her mom’s and mother-in-law’s cribs!

Checking to find out what she’ll need is the safest bet, as you might need to register with more than one store. She can then list the items she needs to make gift selection easier for guests. It also provides options at both the lower and higher end, so no one feels left out.

Double-Check Who to Invite

Traditionally, baby showers have been for women only, but that rule has changed drastically over the years. Dads are more involved in parenting and pregnancy, and there are also a lot more women with guy friends than in days gone by.

As a result, this might be a situation where everyone is included, with Dad maybe even sharing in the position as an honouree. This is quite sensitive, though, so it’s important to speak to the mom-to-be to get her input on who she would like to include.

Be sure you understand what the parents feel is acceptable to avoid offending anyone, or leaving anyone out. For surprise showers, things get a lot more complicated, so maybe don’t take that route!

Don’t Over Do It on the Alcohol

Baby showers aren’t really the type of celebration where cocktails should play a major role. Consider serving something like mimosas or prosecco, with sensitivity to the fact that drinking while pregnant is completely taboo.

This is not to say that alcohol shouldn’t be served at all. However, it’s not a situation where people should be getting beyond a little tipsy!

Serve Light and Enjoyable Fare

Brunches, lunches, and teas are the tradition for baby showers. This keeps things simple and light, while offering the opportunity to indulge in some mouth-watering fun foods from finger sandwiches to devilled eggs and crudités to creative appetizers.

Whether you want a formal sit-down meal, a brunch buffet, or have servers sharing trays of appetizers among guests, don’t forget to include an adorable showstopper cake to add to the festivities.

Include a Few Activities and a Theme

You don’t have to do either of these things, but it does help provide focus for aspects like decorations. Activities can include the following:

  • Shower games
  • Having guests write down a brief story about what their moms did to make them happy
  • Mom-to-mom advice
  • A gender reveal with something like a cake with pink or blue colouring in the interior or opening a box filled with pink or blue balloons

Themes can be based on something as simple as a favourite colour, a motif like baby ducklings, a favourite mom character or children’s book, or an interest of the guest of honour.

Contact the Event Venue Experts

While times have changed, you can combine tradition with modern elements to ensure that you follow the basic rules of etiquette for a baby shower everyone can enjoy.

If you’re looking for a baby shower venue in Vaughan, Château Le Jardin offers a beautiful French Château inspired setting, impeccable service, and customized menus for your event. To learn more, call us at 1-888-529-8573, or book a consultation here.

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