Should I Hire a Wedding Coordinator?

Should I hire a wedding coordinator?

Once you get over the initial bliss of your engagement, the reality sets in—you have to plan a wedding. This is not only the biggest event of your life but also the most expensive.

Every detail counts, from the wedding venue in Vaughan to the gown and wedding party attire to the guest list.

Knowing how to find vendors and what prices seem fair isn’t easy. If the whole idea overwhelms you, then a wedding coordinator might help. Here’s how to tell if hiring a wedding coordinator is right for you.

You and Your Partner Are at Odds

Despite everything that drew you together, planning a wedding can find you at odds with your partner. You both likely have your own views of what your wedding should be. Your families are also likely offering “suggestions” on how your day should look.

If you’ve found you are both very serious about what you want, and those wants are quite different, a wedding coordinator can help. They will act as a mediator who can help you find compromises to create a wedding that reflects you both.

If, on the other hand, the planets are aligned, and you are on the same page with your partner for most details, you can likely manage on your own.

You Have No Time

This is the most common reason couples choose to work with a wedding coordinator. It takes a lot of time to plan a wedding, with tons of research, visits, and interviews with vendors.

A wedding coordinator knows the industry and can make the process a lot less time-consuming. They will discuss your needs and provide a short list of recommendations for all your vendors, from entertainment to flowers and ceremony sites to venues. Their expertise allows you to devote your time to choices instead of research.

On the other hand, you might have fun doing your own research if you have more time. Also, if you already have most of your vendors lined up, or at least in mind, your time is focused on the details and scheduling, which means you also might not need assistance.

Family Conflict Is Ruining Your Plans

Family pressures can interfere with your plans even when you and your partner are completely in agreement with your ideal wedding. Everyone has opinions, and the more aggressive and persistent the unwanted input becomes, the more difficult it is to stand your ground.

A wedding coordinator eases tensions and handles the hard conversations, so you don’t have to. They know how to gently but clearly assert your authority on all decisions and maintain healthy relationships, so less feelings are hurt.

Their practical approach relieves tension, making it easier to plan your dream wedding without worries of disappointing loved ones. If all is peaceful on the opinion front, you might be able to manage things without a “mediator.”

Your Decisions Are Intentional

Intentional choices are based on your values. Different from your faith, these decisions are driven by things like your concerns about the environment, equity, and diversity. You are very concerned about who you give your business to and, therefore, have very specific needs.

Finding these vendors takes a lot more time and effort, making planning a wedding more difficult. You can work with an event or wedding planner who shares your values and can refer you to businesses that respect those values.

However, if your personal values have led you to a network of like-minded business owners and friends, you might very well already have your own list of appropriate vendors.

You Want to Enjoy the Process

Planning a wedding is stressful. If you want it to be an enjoyable experience filled with pretty flowers, lovely wedding gowns, and, of course, plenty of wedding cakes to taste, then a wedding planner is your BFF.

They set up appointments so you only focus on the fun. However, if you’re more of a control freak who loves the whole planning process, then a wedding planner just gets in the way!

You’ve Found Yourself Overwhelmed

If you’ve been managing everything alone and are seriously overwhelmed, it might be time to hand the reins over to a wedding coordinator. Although most like to be involved from the start, there are just as many who are happy to take over at a later point in the planning process.

You don’t want your wedding day to create unhappiness. You want it to be one of the best days of your life. You’ll be burned out by your wedding day if the stress becomes too much.

A wedding planner can step in, review everything you’ve done so far, and carry on from there. You can remain as involved as you like, with the confidence that your plans are being carried out by a pro.

You Want a Wedding Coordinator

If you want a wedding coordinator, then you should hire one. It’s all part of your ideal wedding. You might have always imagined working with a professional by your side to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. So, if this is part of your wedding dreams and vision, you should go for it!

Hiring a wedding coordinator really boils down to your situation. If any of the above sounds familiar, it wouldn’t hurt to make a few tentative calls to see what a wedding coordinator offers.

Their job is to plan your ideal wedding from start to finish, but can also be more specific depending on your needs.

Working with an expert saves not only time, but also money. Most have a network of preferred businesses they use, which often comes with discounts. So, while you might think you can’t afford a planner, there is a good chance they will save you money through referrals to help cover their costs.

At Château Le Jardin, we understand that every wedding reflects who you are as a couple. Contact us today to discuss connecting with a wedding coordinator and how our team can help you plan the ideal wedding at our wedding venue in Vaughan.

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